4 Warning Indications Why a Leader Must Leave the Position and Get Replaced

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You have become a leader not only in terms of competence, degrees and a good personality. Because of sheer passion, you finally reached that spot. There is this fire that drives you to leave early at home and do the work with zeal. And with more energy to spare, so you can bond with your team, help other staff and perform other tasks. Your enthusiasm, through the roof, is like the sales your company makes!

Sooner or later though, the bright, burning passion you have would fade away. You’d suddenly attend to your job so unmotivated. And it’s not just like “I’m not in the mood” Monday, but a whole week, or months of brooding over how much you’d like the time to go faster so you could go home. There are no more pep talks, and solid pieces of advice coming from you. In some cases, you’re in a zombie-like state, an empty soul without any sense of purpose.

You’ve Lost the Productiveness of Ideas You Once Had

It feels like you never will run out of fresh, new, and relevant ideas during the peak of your career. But, something called time and age will catch up with you and ultimately drain every ounce. You would spend so many hours just creating spills, reports and presentations that previously seemed so easy for you. And somewhere along the way, you’ll be formulating lousy ideas that will lead to sloppy performances.

You Just Don’t Care Anymore

Normally, office problems would have you do extra efforts. You would even urge your teams to step up their game or plead to the clients and higher ups just so you could salvage the company. But you’ve now reached the stage where these things couldn’t faze you anymore. Most of the employees might work themselves to death, but you’re just lying in your bed fast asleep without any care.

Most of Your Employees are Quitting

Without an effective individual leading the employees, it is at this point quite obvious that they would be leaving the company completely. You can not blame them for this. With so many casualties and quarrels inside that surely happen due to negligence on the part of the leader, what other option do they have?

That’s why if you’ve felt just one or two of these warning signs, quickly seek a person to take your place. Find someone who’s capable of filling in your position, or exceed what you’ve done. True, it’s hard to admit that you’re not fit for the position anymore. But for the sake of the company, isn’t it better to concede rather than let your ego take over? With that, the company will always view you as a leader who’s served them well, rather than someone who started out great but faded in the long run.

Leaders, with this in mind, may all of you finish your careers strong.


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