Celebrating Success: iPhiTech Internship Graduation 2023

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Last Friday, on June 2, an unforgettable event took place – the Internship Graduation 2023. This remarkable occasion brought together esteemed academic figures, representing different universities and institutions. The event served as a momentous celebration of the hard work and achievements of the interns who successfully completed their internships. Let’s delve into the highlights of this prestigious gathering, where influential personalities, including Dr. Mary Grace Hermogenes, Prof. Evelyn Villanueva, and Dr. Geoffrey S. Sepillo, graced the occasion with their presence.

The Attendees

The Internship Graduation 2023 was graced by an esteemed group of attendees representing various educational institutions. Distinguished faculty members, including professors, coordinators, and administrators, came together to celebrate the achievements of the interns. Their presence added depth and expertise to the event, inspiring and motivating the graduating interns as they embark on their professional journeys.

Among the important personalities in the event are the following:

Dr. Mary Grace Hermogenes and Ms. Rochelle Cadayong, esteemed faculty members from Bulacan State University – Sarmiento Campus, were among the notable guests at the Internship Graduation 2023. 

Bulacan Agricultural State College was well-represented at the graduation ceremony. Michelle Cortez, Associate Professor I and BSIT OJT Coordinator, along with Dr. Cecilia S. Santiago, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Ms. Rose Ann Gabriel, Internationalization Affairs and External Linkages Office Staff, attended the event.

Central Luzon State University contributed to the success of the Internship Graduation 2023 with the presence of distinguished faculty members. Prof. Evelyn Villanueva, Prof. Amir Ledesma, and Prof. Gemlyn S. Inocencio graced the occasion, lending their expertise and wisdom to inspire the interns. 

The Internship Graduation 2023 witnessed the esteemed presence of Tarlac State University representatives. Dr. Alvincent E. Danganan, College Dean, and Dr. Rogel L. Quilala, College Associate Dean and MIT Chairperson, joined the event, showcasing the university’s commitment to fostering practical learning experiences. And also, Dr. Theda Flare G. Quilala, OJT instructor and University Registrar, along with Mr. Lito Alexis M. Tolentino, College Internship Coordinator, added their expertise and support, making the graduation ceremony a resounding success.

The University of Assumption played a significant role in the Internship Graduation 2023. Dr. Joey Suba, President of PSITE National and Dean of the University of Assumption, delivered an inspirational message during the ceremonial signing, motivating the interns to strive for excellence. 

Representatives from President Ramon Magsaysay State University, including Dr. Geoffrey S. Sepillo, Carl Angelo S. Pamplona, MSCS, and Israel M. Cabasug, MSCS, graced the Internship Graduation 2023. 

Above all, we were honored to have Dr. Jonilo Mababa, President of PSITE Central Luzon and Program Chair of AUF College of Computer Studies, and Dr. Joey Suba, PSITE National President and Dean of University of Assumption, as esteemed guests at the ceremony.

A Celebration of Achievements

The Internship Graduation 2023 was a joyous celebration of the interns’ accomplishments and also a culmination of their hard work and dedication. The presence of esteemed academic figures from various institutions added prestige and honor to the event, emphasizing the significance of internships in shaping the future IT professionals.

Furthermore, as the event drew to a close, the interns left with a sense of fulfillment and excitement for what lies ahead. Moreover, their internships have not only equipped them with technical knowledge but have also instilled in them important values such as teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving.

During the ceremony, several awards were presented to recognize the outstanding achievements of the interns:

  • Bryan Cortez – Backend Performance award
  • Kriztyn Marie A. Trinidad – Highest Quiz award
  • Franchesca Onia – Social Media Efforts award
  • Shaina Mae Cersenia, Deah Liwag, Ivan Magtalas, Monica Pineda, and Joshua Lumanog – Frontend Performance award
  • Christian Torres – Creativity Award

Additionally, four interns, Monica Pineda, Steven Jed Jaspeo, Jefferson Guevara, and Raul Tindogan, were acknowledged for their outstanding performance and dedication, as they successfully transitioned from interns to full-time employees.


All in All, the Internship Graduation 2023 was a memorable event that celebrated the achievements of interns who successfully completed their internships. It brought together influential figures in the academic community who provided guidance, support, and inspiration to the interns. Consequently, their presence further highlighted the significance of internships in shaping the future IT professionals.

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