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Web Development has taken a big turn as many companies are getting their fair share of the virtual world. This is perfect timing in career advancement especially for those with a background in the IT industry because candidates are offered attractive wage and compensation packages with their demand.

In web development, there are general fields of expertise that any IT expert can choose from – Front-End and Back-End Development. Let us get to know deeper these two fields so that at the end of coding boot camp, you can make it easier to narrow down which one suits you best and become an expert to it.


Two General Field In Web Development

Front-End Web Development

Everything that you see on a website – from texts, colors, lines, images, graphics, formatting, and layout – is managed by front-end development. Generally, this field is responsible for the overall look, feel, and theme design of a site.

Front-end developers need to have comprehensive web design knowledge because it is a client’s primary reason and concern. Recall that a site’s esthetically appealing design can make a difference in the business world’s success of the client’s company. Providing a design that best suits customer preferences is necessary. An artistic and creative mind is a great backup skill in the development of the front-end web, so it is vital that one has to have design knowledge.

In web designing, it is important that one have a proactive approach in using various design software. Adobe Photoshop has widely used design software because of its tools that allow photo manipulation, image creation, and graphic design. For a more vivid design, Adobe Illustration is also highly recommended by many developers. 

Another skill that a front-end developer must have is a computer programming language. A design is useless if it is not coded because it cannot be viewed virtually. The developer will have to use CSS, HTML, and Javascript as well as Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver so that these designs are useful, ensures a seamless user experience, and creates an appeal to any site visitor.

Web designer, front-end developer, and user interface designer include some job positions in front-end Web development. These positions don’t require web development skills in the back end. In addition, front-end Web developers’ average salary ranges from $42,000 to $100,000 based on experience, location, and industry. Thus, since many freelancers and working-from-home people adopt these positions widely, there is competition among the candidate applicants for a certain front-end web development post.

 Back End web development

Back-end web development requires a deeper understanding and expertise in the IT industry to serve as a basis for any website. It concerns an application’s server-side and everything that is communicated between the database and browser.

Anything that you don’t see on a website is the responsibility of a back-end developer.

Since it is the backbone of the virtual world, back-end developers ensure a smooth site with a high rate of a site’s responsiveness and speed. It ensures that algorithms and business codes are analyzed in order to come up with better techniques and strategies that will support the goal of front-end web development. 

It should be noted that the website has stored information about the database so a website is dynamic. Thus the content of the site is constantly updated and constantly changed.

Back-end web developers are expected to have knowledge of front end languages such as HTML and CSS. Expertise in various computer programming languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and .Net are required skills in back-end development. 

With is complexity and expertise, back-end developers’ salary is significantly higher than front end developers. Starting salary has an average of $70,000 and increases depending on location, experience, and output. Do you think it’s not that bad? You are definitely correct.

Which is better?

Both can be accessible to work-from-home people. It’s not really hard to choose between front end developers and back-end developers. It has to depend on the passion one has. If you’re more on the creative side, then you might want to join the front-end developer team because there’s an added fulfillment in creating designs that will give the customers good impressions.

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