Distinctions of Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Engineering

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The field of technology encompasses three pillars: information technology, computer science, and computer engineering. Those are the three paths to explore if you want a career involving computers. These filed are so intertwined that you will find overlapping courses, competencies, and principles. Even when you are an IT graduate you may find yourself working in a computer science job.

Each of the three programs has a various focus. Here is the one-word summary that will help you grasp a better understanding:

Computer science revolves around software.

Information technology deals with networks.

Computer engineering copes with hardware. 

Computer Science 

As the name suggests “Computer Science” communicates with computers through the use of different coding languages.  Problems are solved with the use of languages with various algorithms and mathematical systems. Each has different strengths and weaknesses that are used to solve the problems. Understanding of the way languages, how and why computers work are required in computer scientist 

Computer science is about computing. It’s about theoretical and practical applications, as with other sciences. You’ll learn about the intricate relationship between hardware and software by exploring computing. Computer science also tackles software development. They are also developing operating systems that solve unique and complex issues. Desktop, mobile, and web-based applications and operating systems are included in this. 

Computer science intertwines with computer engineering in the sense that you have to acquire an in-depth knowledge of hardware and the function it serves.

Familiarity with hardware is required so that you can alter the programming and software drastically. In computer engineering, you will be more focused on engineering, designing, and manufacturing the hardware.

Computer science will expose you to several required languages, and you can learn additional ones on your own. The majority of programming jobs use Java, SQL, or JavaScript. Coding languages can add up to 200 in variety. You will not be able to learn all of them or even be able to tell what they are. 

You have to be highly analytical if you want to be a good computer scientist. It’s a plus in math and science if you love formulas and algorithms. In computer science, this probably will be the case. Also, learning different languages will be an advantage, so you can quickly pick up languages that are new to you.

Every job entails working with people. Good communication skill is necessary for communicating your tasks and operations with marketers, customers, and many other people you will be dealing with.

Information Technology

When you say computers, you think of information technology (IT). An IT is integral to companies that utilize computers. Additionally, IT personnel is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of hardware and software, which are necessary for proper data and software management.

IT professionals take care of the most efficient way possible of organizing data. IT people make information available to employees. They are responsible for protecting it too. 

IT experts using software and hardware will easily achieve the company’s goals.

If you want to be an effective IT professional, you have to obtain expertise in networking and database management. You also have to have people skills. You will be working closely with people who are not really familiar with computers. It is a must that you have the knowledge and the effective communication skills that will aid when you relay information to other people. 

No need to worry if you are not an effective communicator. Customer service is a skill you’ll be able to practice and learn over time.

You also have to be critical and analytical. Also, have to stay calm and cool under pressure. You have to solve problems quickly without panic. Things will break and errors will occur. It is part of the job and it is normal. Stay cool and solve the problems as fast as you can especially if your company relies heavily on databases and technology. 

Computer Engineering

What would become of the world without computer engineers? Without computer engineers, there will be no computers. Computer engineers are the ones in charge of the technology that allowed people to have cellphones in their pockets. The computer engineers design and continuously develop microchips, circuit boards, video cards, hard drives, processors, routers and many others. 

Computer science and computer engineering are essential to the digital world, as they combine technicality and engineering principles. Hardware creation and computer science support software development.

An effective computer engineer requires detail-oriented. You need to develop a thorough understanding of the integration of hardware and software. You’ve got to be visionary. You need to think about creative, innovative ways of solving problems. Software constantly pushes the limits of the hardware. You have to take that on board.


These are the three fields that you will encounter if you want to work with technology. The major differences in them as described by King’s University are; “Computer engineers are architects and construction workers. They design and build a house. Computer scientists are the electricians, plumbers, and installation specialists who put lights, running water, and appliances in the house. IT professionals live in the house and use appliances effectively and efficiently for the desired effect.“

These three fields are intertwined but their differences are clear. There are many other computer degrees out there but these are the main pillars. Computers, technology, and websites are all connected together. If you are in need of information and assistance regarding web developers, please visit https://awesomarky.com/

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