DOST-STII Project Briefing and Contract Awarding with iPhiTech: Harnessing Innovation

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Public-private collaboration is essential for progress in tech and innovation. iPhiTech received a project briefing and contract awarding from DOST-STII in Metro Manila, bringing exciting prospects for their partnership. The project was titled Digital Media Development (Website Development, Hosting, Security).

Introducing the Key Representatives

Ms. Lynderlitte Maglaque leads the DOST-STII team in advancing science and technology in the Philippines. Accompanying her were sir Rodolfo De Guzman, OIC, Communication Resources and Production Division (CRPD), sir Alfon Narquita, Senior Science Research Specialists, as well as sir Allan Mauro Marfal, DOST-STII Information Officer III, sir Chester Francisco, sir Philip Tumbali, Project Assistant at DOST-SEI, Ms. Louella Labasbas, Science Research Specialist I, Ms. Claire Capul, Ms. Jasmine Joyce Sevilla, DOST-STII Managing Editor.

On behalf of iPhiTech, the hardworking VP of Administration, the VP of Operations, the Assistant Manager to the AVP of Administration graced the meeting.

Putting Things in Perspective

The meeting started off with extending a heartfelt welcome and making some introductory remarks. The DOST-STII emphasized the collaboration with iPhiTech to bring science and technology to the general public. The project aimed to create the DOST-STII website and unlock new opportunities for spreading knowledge and encouraging public participation.

Disclosing the Prerequisites for the Project

The details of the project specifications were discussed during the meeting. The goal was to establish a user-friendly, educational, and visually beautiful website that showcased the Philippines’ many scientific and technology advances. The website’s revamp would streamline resource access, making it a hub for scholars, students, and the public.

Project briefing

iPhiTech representatives listened intently and showed enthusiasm for innovation in their eyes. As they assessed project needs, they imagined a platform that would connect science and society by making critical knowledge accessible to all.

Indicating What Should Be Expected

Collaboration requires clear expectations and deliverables. The website project’s key goals and timelines were outlined well. After both sides promised to communicate, update, and meet quality requirements, the meeting became cooperative. The cooperation would span multiple projects, goals, and accomplishments.

In the Direction of an Exciting Future

DOST-STII and iPhiTech began an unprecedented partnership at the Project Briefing and Contract Awarding Ceremony. The occasion highlighted the website project’s goals and both organizations’ commitment to scientific and technology growth in the Philippines.

The meeting room buzzed with renewed energy as the meeting adjourned. A website that would revolutionize science and technology discussion and appreciation seemed to be promising.

The iPhiTech team is excited to meet the challenge and turn the DOST-STII website into a beacon of science and innovation that inspires a nation. They will collaborate to tackle challenges, celebrate successes, and make the Philippines more powerful and technologically advanced.


In the fields of science and technology, teamwork is essential to the discovery of new insights and approaches. DOST-STII and iPhiTech established a pioneering relationship because they share a common mission and vision. They aim to enhance knowledge distribution and propel the Philippines towards a brighter and more progressive future by creating a dynamic and accessible platform. The world is eagerly awaiting the introduction of the DOST-STII website, which will be an embodiment of the power of collaboration, innovation, and collective influence as it occurs concurrently with the progression of this incredible adventure.

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