Frequently Asked Questions


With a Free Account, you can post a job and get an insight into the quality of applicants. While their contact information is not available unless you upgrade your account, it does allow you to gauge if there are suitable candidates for your vacancy. It’s also possible to interact with job seekers after upgrading.

There’s a solid reason we don’t provide a free trial.

You can only schedule an interview with the applicants if you upgrade your account.

By permitting employers to contact workers without any compensation, it sets a precedent of scamming that leads to mistrust between both parties. Once the cycle begins of low-level fraudulence, it quickly turns into an abyss of dishonesty and corruption.

Plus, it’s how we make money and how we stay in business.

Before you commit to paying, get the opportunity to access full profiles and post a job. All applications received can be viewed prior to payment, so you’re able to assess if people are suitable for your position and have the necessary skills. You won’t be allowed communication until funds exchange hands, but it’s an invaluable step in finding a great hire.

With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that there is no risk! If for any reason you don’t find someone suitable through us, we will reimburse your payment – it’s as simple as that. What’s more, being a US based company means we truly abide by our commitment and honor this promise without fail.

By charging up front, we can avoid inflating salaries. Nobody likes middlemen or additional markups that drive costs sky high. We’re confident you’ll agree with us after experiencing our services for yourself – in fact, very few who have used iPhiTech ever return to their old outsourcing providers like Upwork and Fiverr.

For 8 years, we offered iPhiTech at a fixed price of $49. Hiring quality employees can be difficult and costly; however, raising prices should help reduce scammers and ensure that only employers who care about their hires will use the site. Additionally, this rate allows us to continue developing iPhiTech so you can experience an efficient hiring process every time.



It’s already integrated, eliminating the need for an account. Streamlined and effortless!

You have the liberty to select from a variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Worldremit or Transferwise. Your chosen method for compensating employees is entirely up to you; it does not need to go through us.

The salary you offer your employees is entirely dependent on the negotiations established prior to their hire.

For the past 15 years, we’ve actively sought out ways to pay our Filipino workers. However, most of the available options weren’t ideal due to their slow processing speed and costly hidden fees in addition to exploitative exchange rates that disadvantaged those being paid.

PayPal is a reliable and convenient solution to all of our payment issues. Our employees appreciate this method because it offers them quick access to their hard-earned wages.

  • Quick transfers are possible, with the initial process taking 3-5 days and subsequent ones being completed in less than 48 hours or sometimes even 24!
  • It uses the actual exchange rate (a 2% reduction is taken when the money is transferred to the workers bank account. For comparison, Paypal takes 5%-7%)
  • There are no hidden fees
  • Nobody gets screwed

With iPhiTech, you can conveniently pay your staff, even after cancelling your subscription. It’s always accessible and effortless to use.

How much you pay your employees is ultimately determined by the terms that are agreed upon during negotiations before they come on board. Every job role carries its own pay scale and salary range is determined by the particular skills and experience of the workers, so ensure your expectations are clearly communicated before signing any deals.

Our Comprehensive guide to VA salaries in the Philippines can provide you with valuable insights about the expected salary.

To get an accurate understanding of how much you should pay, we recommend taking a look at the profiles with the skills you need. See how much they’re expecting in return to give yourself a solid benchmark rate.

Paying a salary is our top recommendation for employers. Not only do Filipinos prefer this, but it also leads to an accelerated success rate for businesses. Paying hourly feels like managing others as opposed to paying salaries, which can give you the CEO experience and more control over your business’ trajectory.

Although you are free to make your own decisions, it is essential that you communicate with the worker beforehand and pay them a reasonable wage. Don’t try to deceive them; treating people fairly is always the best course of action.


No. With no contract requirements or time commitments, you are under absolutely no obligation to keep it.

Once you’ve accomplished the recruitment process, it’s easy to cancel your subscription and still retain access to TimeProof and PayPal.

Without doubt, Premium’s worker coaching service is worth the investment!

We make it effortless. Simply visit the Account Dashboard, hover over “Account,” select “Billing” and click on “Cancel Subscription” – that’s all there is to it!

Yes. Those are always available to use for free.


Honesty is a highly valued trait in the Philippines, even though not everyone adheres to it. As such, you should treat Filipino workers just like any other local worker – with trust and respect. Initially task them with non-sensitive duties while building rapport between each other until you gain enough confidence to grant access over more sensitive matters.

After more than 12 months of trial and error, we finally realised that Filipino workers could be trusted from the start. As soon as you employ someone, there are telltale signs which indicate if they can be dependable or not. Today, with full confidence in our staff, we have an amazing team who completely understands what’s expected of them from day one.

Many employers swear by time tracking, while others (including us) shun it as an invasive big-brother-like practice. Filipinos have echoed this sentiment too! Everyone has their own approach and opinions when it comes to managing employees’ work hours. We developed TimeProof to make tracking your time a breeze, should you choose to use it.

Even without time tracking, you can often determine whether someone is being productive or not based on their output alone.We strongly advise against rewarding employees based on the time they track. 

Not only is this kind of practice incompatible with Philippine culture, but it can also be quite unfair to workers and may not generate satisfactory results in the end. We’ve seen our share of disastrous results after making such a decision.

While we are confident that you can, the key is convincing yourself.

For over a decade, our reliable and dependable USA based company has been helping hundreds of thousands of employers to accomplish their goals. Don’t worry – we’re not some fly-by-night operation; you can trust us to provide the services that you need!

To get a better idea of the impact, you can search for reviews and observe what others are saying. Take note of the tangible outcomes other users have acquired from using it.


Rest assured, we provide a money-back guarantee and honour it. Moreover, your credit card data is protected by Visa standards and will not be sent to the Philippines. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Employees in the Philippines receive an annual bonus of one month’s salary – called a “13th month” – as part of their compensation package.

Although this bonus is dispersed in December, it is not a Christmas bonus. If you would like to provide an additional holiday gift, that should be done separately from the predetermined reward payment.

Do you have to pay this? No.

Should you? Yes! Absolutely!

Your employees expect and need this additional bonus as part of their budget for normal living expenses. 

To understand more about how to calculate it, here’s an in-depth explanation for you.

Regrettably, undeserved ill repute has come upon Filipino VAs as a result of the delinquency of certain individuals. However, this is not usually the case; in fact, Filipinos are often very devoted and dependable virtual workers.

When misunderstandings arise, it is often due to a lack of comprehension or fear that their work won’t meet your expectations. To avoid this issue, provide comprehensive training and meaningful feedback throughout the process.

If you’re still concerned about the possibility of a Filipino VA disappearing, take comfort knowing that there are ways to protect yourself. Here’s what you can do to ward off potential issues.


We are so confident that we can provide a wealth of talent to meet your needs, our guarantee is backed by more than half a million worker profiles!

The majority of our employers are satisfied since they don’t look to find someone who can do everything. That isn’t you, correct? And if not, then take advantage of our 100% money back policy – just let us know and we’ll refund your payment in full. 

With such an extensive selection of workers available to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal fit for your business needs!

Absolutely not! Workers on the website register their individual accounts independently.

With iPhiTech, the hassle of communication and interviewing is over. The open job postings make it easy to find reliable workers who can be hired and paid directly from the platform.

We are just a bridge that will bring you and the jobseeker to work together.

(We do have 21 full-time workers from the Philippines who work for and on iPhiTech)

Absolutely none!

If you are dealing with an overseas subcontractor, there’s no need to file a 1099 tax form or report their wages. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about Unemployment Insurance and withholding taxes either – but please be sure to check in with your accountant just in case!

The more detailed and longer explanation.

  • We never take a share of our workers’ salaries – we always make sure they get the full amount.
  • We ensure workers are paid equitably by not inflating salaries with unnecessary markups.
  • We will never come between you and your employee – you can communicate freely with one another.
  • With us, you won’t be required to use our platform for paying your employees.
  • When it comes to outsourcing your workforce, think twice before going with Upwork’s temporary work. It may seem convenient at the moment but you will ultimately experience more success when investing in long-term, permanent employees who stay with your company for a longer period of time – avoiding high turnover rates and potential financial losses.

Regardless of their account type, all employers are capable of creating job postings. Yet, those with a free membership must have their job posts approved prior to being published and they cannot contact potential candidates until they upgrade to a paid plan. Further, Pro and Free accounts can only host 3 active job postings simultaneously while Premium members can manage 10 at once.

If you don’t spot your job post on the site but have a free account, it is probably undergoing moderation. Or if that’s not the case, then it could be located beyond the initial search page. It should also be remembered that any Free job posts will terminate after 14 days.

Every week, you can refresh your job post to ensure it’s at the top of search results. You don’t need to “boost” or promote your job – simply edit it!

Every job post on our platform has its own unique and personalised reply-to email that you are able to easily set up.

You can easily opt out of receiving job application emails by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button in your inbox.

If you wish to deactivate or delete any of your job posts, simply head on over to the My Account page and take care of it there.

Though we’re certainly capable of recruiting for you, it’s not something that brings us joy. 

If you have limited time and need help, recruiting someone to do what you are currently doing will give your schedule a much-needed reprieve. 

Furthermore, when people take charge of their own recruitment process they experience far more success than if we recruit for them – making this an ideal solution all around!

Working from home is their usual practice, however they may occasionally take advantage of an Internet cafe.

There are a couple timeframes you might be referring to:

  1. iPhiTech has the flexibility to fit your needs when it comes to recruiting and hiring a VA. You don’t need an active account for any specific timeframe, you can cancel whenever transitioning is complete! So even after you’ve found the perfect hire, feel free to terminate your subscription with iPhiTech – It’s that simple.
  2. The amount of time you spend working with people is completely under your control. You could, for example, hire someone to work forty hours a week on an ongoing basis – just like we have been doing since 2005! Our first person still works those same forty hours per week today!

You can consider hiring someone for just three hours. Then you can simply pay them and be on your way.

It’s totally in your control to decide how many hours per week you will hire someone for – be it 4-5 or 10. Whichever arrangement works best for both parties, ensure that they are paid accordingly each week.

Many job seekers are searching for a full-time or part-time role, yet some would take any available job as they don’t have one. On the other hand, many experienced workers won’t accept just any offer; rather, they will only work under specific conditions that suit their individual needs and preferences. Ultimately it all comes down to what you’re looking for in an employee and how agreeable your terms are with them.