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Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to leave your family behind in order to take a job abroad. At iPhiTech, we understand the importance of balance and helping our customers achieve it through exploring remote working opportunities that allow them to make an income from home! Our services are designed with convenience and flexibility in mind—let us help you find the perfect online job for yourself today!

All open positions are available as salaried, full-time or part-time jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. Additionally, these job opportunities come without any commission obligations!

Before we get started, Please read the FAQs below.

At iPhiTech, we never take a cut out of the salaries workers receive from employers. The terms and conditions regarding payment are determined between employer and worker – not through our platform. We ensure that all employees get their full wages with no deductions!

Whether you’re working freelance or have a steady job, there are numerous routes to get paid. In fact, depending on the payment service you use, you can even receive your money right at home!

Here are some websites where your employer can send money online.

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union

Ultimately, it all comes down to an agreement between you and your employer. As a general rule of thumb, payment is often distributed bi-weekly or monthly; however we highly suggest that new employees demand weekly payments from their employers in order to safeguard themselves against any potential risks associated with working for someone they don’t know.

Give it a shot! We’ve assisted thousands of Filipinos land jobs with international companies and work remotely. As the biggest Philippine job posting board, iPhiTech has grown to number one due to its integrity and trustworthiness. You wouldn’t regret trying us out!

Absolutely not! You won’t find any “business opportunity” or “work from home scam” here. This isn’t one of those typical, run-of-the mill “typing for dollars” schemes either.

You will not be paid on commission.

You will not have to pay anything to get a job.

You won’t be remunerated on a performance-based system or any other type of model.

This is an actual paid opportunity that will provide you with a consistent monthly salary while you work full-time on someone else’s business.

Absolutely! Thousands of employers are seeking workers with a wide range of experience on our platform. Tens of thousands have proven successful finding positions by utilising iPhiTech, and we rarely encounter anyone who is unable to find work. As long as you meet the legal requirements to be employed in your area, age isn’t an issue; all adults over 18 years old can take advantage of this opportunity!

While speaking English fluently isn’t a requirement, it can give you an advantage over the competition. Many employers on this site are based in the US, UK and Australia (to name but a few). Communication is done almost exclusively in English so if you’re struggling with comprehension or articulation it may hinder your chances of success.

Absolutely! You will be working remotely, never leaving the Philippines. We are not offering positions that require relocation. All of your tasks can be completed from the comfort of your home or a nearby internet cafe for foreign companies.

The majority of the work will require you to use internet-based resources.

We strive to mediate and resolve salary disagreements that arise between employees and employers. We are dedicated to providing a solution where both parties feel heard, supported, and compensated for their contributions. The vast majority of disputes begin when the employer is dissatisfied with the worker’s performance – so don’t forget: if you do good work, you get paid!

At iPhiTech, we are determined to provide you with the safest workspace possible. In the rare event of an employer not paying for their services, they will be immediately removed from our platform and all payments made by them shall be directly sent to the worker as compensation.

In addition, workers can use the Verify Employer page to make certain their employer is legitimate and has an account in good standing with iPhiTech whenever they are contacted.

The extent of flexibility in your work schedule depends on the job and employer.

Crafting articles and blogs, tending to forum posts are just some of the tasks on your list. You may find yourself updating websites for designing web pages — or perhaps even programming if you have that skill set! Link building is also part of the mix, as well providing customer support through email or chat. Doing research and collecting data are recurrent duties too. With all these services in your wheelhouse it’s time to get to work!

The opportunities are endless! We guarantee you will be paired with a company that needs your skillset. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to master new knowledge and develop in ways unimaginable before.

ID Proof requires you to provide a significant amount of data in order for employers to confirm your identity. Make sure that all fields are filled out – such as Facebook URL, government ID, pictures and skill descriptions – so the more information you offer up front, the higher your trust score will be and thus easier for an employer to assess who they’re hiring. Don’t just give some honest details; pour in everything!

Yes, your employer has the capability to view your Facebook profile if they have a Premium account.

Yes. Recently, this has become mandatory when registering for an iPhiTech account.

Not but taking additional tests will significantly improve your odds of getting hired as you can more confidently demonstrate to employers your high-level skills and expertise.

To maximise your chances of getting hired by an employer or securing a job online, it is essential to create an iPhiTech account. Make sure you provide as much information about yourself as possible; the more data you give us, the higher your odds are for being selected!

Once your profile is complete, you can actively search for jobs that best suit your skills and interests or let employers come to you.

iPhiTech values transparency and accuracy, so our team of real people manually screen each profile for authenticity. We do everything in our power to ensure that all information shared on the site is accurate; however, if we discover something false or deceptive later down the line, you may be at risk of being banned from iPhiTech entirely. To avoid this consequence altogether, make sure every detail within your profile is honest!

Although you may never be caught, the possibility of getting a job with an employer who won’t appreciate your false qualifications still exists. Not to mention that they likely will not pay for work which is either unfinished or done incorrectly due to lack of knowledge and experience. If honesty prevails, then so do the rewards!

The timeframe for achieving your dream job lies in your hands. While patiently waiting for a company to offer you employment, take the initiative by seeking out multiple jobs that fit your skill set and experience. Respond quickly when there are questions about qualifications or opportunities; however, ensure each application is tailored to positions where success is probable— this way, time won’t be wasted on unsuitable roles!

To maximise potential job opportunities, it is sensible to think outside the box and apply for a variety of jobs. Evaluate your core abilities and consider how they can be applied to different roles. With this approach, you may discover some exciting career paths that could make valuable use of your existing skill set.

When a job is deactivated, it means that another individual has been selected for the position and its vacancy has now been filled.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a graduate of an advanced technical degree program. All you require is just enough skills and knowledge to succeed in the online world – whether that comes from a professional course, high school studies or self-taught courses.

While this is a risk, it doesn’t have to be. We always recommend having just one employer, but if you’re working in an office and want to give online jobs a try before departing your current post, then we suggest dedicating some of your hours towards part-time employment. It’s also highly recommended that you tell your current employer about this plan beforehand – assuming they are okay with the arrangement.

Absolutely! You will likely be required to attend some form of job interview, which could take the shape of an email exchange, Skype call or video call dependent on your employer.

Try these 3 options:

  1. Decrease the file size (under 2mb)
  2. Save the file as a .jpg
  3. Try a different browser

While Filipinos residing outside the Philippines are eligible to apply, they must stipulate that their salary is based on Philippine pay and will be paid in Philippine pesos.

Expatriates of Filipino descent are welcome to apply for the job, provided they accept payment in Philippine pesos and agree to be compensated based on local salary standards.

At iPhiTech, the exceptional quality of our Filipino workers has become renowned. We only accept Philippine nationals/citizens on our website, making us the go-to resource for employers seeking world-class employees from this nation. As we are dedicated to remaining exclusive in regards to location and talent pool, applicants hailing from India, Africa, Europe or any other countries will not be accepted here.

iPhiTech’s Timeproof software is the perfect solution for employees who want to ensure that they are accurately reporting their hours. This small program runs on both Apple and PC computers, tracking your working time with screenshots as proof of your efforts. You have complete control over when the program tracks you – simply pause it whenever work stops! Though not all employers require this service, we recommend every worker take advantage of what Timeproof has to offer. Get started today at https://www.iPhiTech/timeproof.