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Making connections is the goal of # LinkedIn.

You want your network to include not just people you know directly, but also those you wish you knew. LinkedIn is a major social site with approximately 500 million members, 260 million of whom log in at least monthly. The most amazing statistic, however, is that it has over 100 million members that check in every day without fail.

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the clear leader. However, its popularity and large user base might be intimidating to new users. After all, it may appear daunting to compete with so many profiles if you want to stand noticed.

Here are some tried-and-true methods for expanding your LinkedIn connections:

Personalize Your Connection Requests


Nothing turns potential connections off than a connection request that was obviously ‘sent to all. . Sending them a generic message will just encourage them to ignore your invitation. Make the most of your invitation because it will most likely be your initial point of professional interaction. Make them feel unique with your invitation. And how do you go about doing that? Make the connection request your own.

Conduct research about the individual you intend to invite so that you can draft a captivating invitation. Here are some examples of customized invitations:

  • Nice to meet you last week while traveling to New York. Let’s keep in touch.
  • I’ve seen your posts and noticed some of your work. I appreciate your perspectives and would love to connect.

Follow Up

Don’t only concentrate on the internet aspect of things. Convert your offline ties to LinkedIn connections. Have you met someone at a trade show? Connect with him on LinkedIn. Have you met someone at a charity event? Connect with her on LinkedIn. Is there a coffee shop where you regularly go? Connect with its owner on LinkedIn. The list goes on and on. If you know someone in real life, he or she should be on your LinkedIn network.

Set Monthly Growth Goals

Aiming for 1,000 relationships when you only have 50 is depressing. Divide your new objective into milestones for your sanity. If you want to add 950 new connections in the following three months, it’s best to aim for at least 350 new connections every month. This will make it easy to assess your performance and find possible areas for improvement.

Post Regularly

Post frequently, but make sure your posts are useful. Don’t undervalue your profile by posting only to post. If someone likes or shares your post, it will display on their newsfeed. So, if someone with 1,000 connections shares your article, you’re effectively getting free advertising to those 1,000 individuals.

Each post will be an extra chance for interaction as long as you continue to share items of value.

Use #Images

Images make postings ten times more engaging. According to recent research, adding a single image to a big wall of text increases its number of views by an average of 11 times. This will also give your posts more diversity. You’re not only publishing links anymore; you’re also uploading and sharing photos.

Engage with Existing Connections

Leave ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on current connections’ postings. They may begin liking and commenting on your postings as well, which would be a win-win scenario. You’ll be able to get exposure through each other’s relationships.

Promote Your LinkedIn URL on Other Social Channels

Use your other social media networks to promote your LinkedIn. You must have at least a few followers on #Facebook, #YouTube, #Instagram, and other social media platforms. Use them to promote your LinkedIn profile now and again. You never know when your relationships from other media will make excellent LinkedIn connections.

Leverage Keywords in Your Profile

In your LinkedIn profile, use keywords intelligently. You only have a certain quantity of words for each part, so make them count. To increase your visibility, use frequent variants of your job title, abilities, and tasks. For example, if you are a content writer, you may utilize the following keywords:


Research and Publish Articles

Don’t be satisfied with simply sharing articles published by others. Also, publish your unique content. Regularly posting native content (long-form pieces) is one of the finest methods to position oneself as an expert in your area. Another advantage is that your whole network will be alerted once you post your unique content.


Optimizing your LinkedIn profile, like search engine optimization (SEO), involves consistent effort. Use these nine suggestions to continuously expand your professional network. Create a plan around them. If you follow the method correctly, you will gradually but steadily develop connections.

And that’s how you may expand your LinkedIn contacts for free. Check out LinkedIn Growth by Awesomarky if you want to achieve quick LinkedIn growth without performing any of the hard work. LinkedIn Growth is the most trustworthy LinkedIn Growth service available. We do not utilize bots, just legal methods. We promise that every new link will be active and genuine.

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