iPhiTech has been recognized by Golden Globe Awards (2022)

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Best Integrated Web Development Solutions firm

We will continue to make our client’s expectations with the help of collaborating with our team to give the highest quality of websites we can build. It is truly an honor to receive this award; the recognition humbles us. iPhiTech has been awarded the Golden Globe Awards, and this has been an honor to be recognized for our team’s hard work in developing high-quality websites for clients all around the globe.

We look forward to working with many others to continue and improve to meet our client’s aims and goals which is our mission to provide.

Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence

The Golden Globe is an organization that awards Filipino business owners who have succeeded in their business at any niche, whether eCommerce, services, or many others. Each year, they place an event to announce businesses that will be awarded on that day.
You will expect that there will be many businesses and many different brands to attend there. This event will indeed become an inspiration for many other aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners.

iPhiTech Representatives holding the certificates and awards given by the representative of Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence inside the Golden Globe office

Awarding Standards

The awarded companies Must Have: The finest web development projects like content, structure and code, navigation and user flow, functionality, interactivity, and accessibility to improve the user experience overall.

What exactly do we do?

We’ll do a quick explanation of what we do. We’re a company that makes professional-looking, functional, optimized, optimized websites that give users a memorable experience. We mainly help start-up business owners scale without hurting their wallets. 

Where we started

Because marketing on websites is getting popular, and many are adapting. Businesses demanded to make one for them, we felt that we had a purpose of fulfilling, and we began to reach those needs, and as we kept going, they multiplied even more.

opportunity for many aspiring web developers, others like us to help them develop this skill and others that they specialized in. 

So we started reaching out to other Filipinos to help businesses that need help with their skills. This not only gives them a chance to upgrade their skills but also improves their confidence and learn to collaborate with teammates and grow together because businesses need web development from the right people and tools to keep businesses on track.

We are proud and happy with ourselves because we made an impact on the world in our little ways.

And to also help aspiring Filipinos to contribute and help them develop their unique skills and be able to grow with us together.

Where we’ll be going

As our company stands for, our mission is to give our clients the best types of websites we can make with the help of our partners and teams to keep us on track with the technical algorithm, and we’re looking in future projects to improve more and learn from other people to enhance our skills and grow together even further.

certificate of recognition, trophy and a brochure from Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence awarded to iPhiTech IT and Digital Solutions in a purple background

Our Goals

As a registered corporation, we focus on delivering high-quality website development services to clients worldwide.

The company aims to use the latest techniques and the most innovative technologies.

Make high-converting websites and digital innovations more accessible to brands operating on a tight budget, start-ups, and small to large-scale businesses.

But most of all, we want to help clients that reach out to us and help them grow without worrying on the technical side so they can have an easy, worry-free mind.

We are thankful for this award

The overall reason we have this award is not only because of the company but because of the people who work there that has the same visions as we have. We’ll still be looking forward to next year’s Golden Global Awards, but that’s just the result of our team’s hard work, and if we keep going on the momentum we have no doubt that our team will reach the next award next year so we will be looking forward to that as well.

This award tells us many things that Hard Work Always Beats Talent.

And Teamwork Always Makes The Dream Work.

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