IT Experts Leading the Way: Insights on Youth Empowerment, Marketing and Branding, and Networking

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On April 17, 2023, Catanduanes State University (CSU) College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) held an engaging seminar for the young leaders of tomorrow. The seminar was graced by esteemed guest speakers who shared their valuable insights and expertise. Among the notable speakers were Mr. Mark Vincent Enriquez, the CEO/President of iPhiTech IT and Digital Solutions, and other esteemed individuals such as Mr. Ronnie Dizon Sodusta, Ms. Emergrace Puhawan, and  Mr. John Jacob Glenn Jansalin. They touched on topics like youth empowerment, marketing and branding, and networking, providing a wealth of knowledge to their audience. It was an enriching event aimed at inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders.

The seminar took place at the auditorium of CSU Campus, providing a conducive environment for learning and networking. The seminar started with the welcome remarks from Maria Antonia, Dept Chairperson, Computing Program. It was then followed by an inspirational message from Gemma G. Acedo, VP for Academic Affairs. The notable speakers of the seminar were gracefully introduced by the hosts themselves, Ezra T. Abundo, MIT, Director of Information Technology Services and Janette V. Lucre, MSIT, IT Training Center Manager. 

Moreover, the seminar aimed to equip attendees with valuable knowledge and strategies to excel in their careers and make a positive impact in the IT industry. The seminar concluded with a closing remark from the Dean of CICT, Ms. Emmie T. Delluza MIS.

Engaging Talks by the IT Experts

As a seasoned IT professional, Mr. Ronnie Dizon Sodusta is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to empower youth leadership and volunteerism. He provided insights and examples on how to use technology to engage and empower youth in leadership roles and how it can drive positive social impact through volunteerism. His session will inspire attendees with practical ideas on utilizing technology for fostering youth leadership and creating meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Mr. Mark Vincent Enriquez is an expert in IT marketing and branding, and he shared valuable insights on how IT professionals can effectively market themselves and build a strong personal brand. From leveraging social media to crafting an effective elevator pitch, his talk will provide practical tips on positioning oneself as a skilled IT professional and standing out in a crowded job market.

With the increasing reliance on networks for organizational operations, network management has become a critical aspect of IT. Ms. Emergrace Puhawan is a renowned expert in network management strategies, and in her session, she shared insights on driving successful connectivity strategies for effective network management in organizations. 

As the IT landscape evolves, network security has become a pressing concern for organizations. Mr. John Jacob Glenn Jansalin is a distinguished expert in network security, and his talk focused on the latest trends in cybersecurity. And he also discussed practical strategies for mitigating network security risks.

How the Seminar Impacts Future Leaders

The seminar can make a real difference for the younger generations. It can ignite their passion and drive to take charge of their lives and shape their future with confidence. Through interactive sessions and practical insights, the seminar can inspire young people to develop a positive mindset and overcome obstacles.

Moreover, the seminar can impart valuable knowledge about branding and marketing. This will help young attendees understand the importance of personal branding and how to effectively market themselves or their ideas. This can equip them with crucial skills for success in various fields, such as entrepreneurship, career advancement, and social media presence.

Additionally, the seminar can highlight the significance of networking and building meaningful connections. It can teach young participants on how to build professional relationships, expand networks, and leverage connections for career growth.


The “Navigating the Digital Landscape : A Seminar on Youth Empowerment, Marketing and Branding, and Networking” was a valuable opportunity for young leaders to learn from industry experts. The audience also gained insights and skills to excel in their careers and make a positive impact in their communities. All in all, it was a stepping stone towards empowering the next generation of IT leaders, and the knowledge and inspiration gained from the seminar will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors.

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