Tiger Award at iPhiTech’s Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022

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The Tiger Award 

Tiger Award at iPhiTech’s Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022 is a symbol of excellence that represents the highest level of achievement within iPhiTech. It’s an acknowledgment of hard work, dedication, and a true commitment to making a difference in the company.

As the iPhiTech team, we are proud to announce the awardees of our Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022. During this event, we took the opportunity to recognize our hardworking and dedicated employees by presenting them with various awards. One of the most prestigious awards that we gave was The Tiger Award. The employee who exudes leadership radiates passion, and demonstrates relentlessness to surpass expectations receives this accolade. In this article, we would like to share the story of the deserving recipient of The Tiger Award, Mr. Su-Hoon Cho.

Why Su-Hoon Was Nominated

Su-Hoon has proven to be an exceptional leader. He demonstrates remarkable passion, dedication, and commitment to achieving excellence. He has a contagious energy that inspires his peers, and his positive attitude influences the team to perform at their best.

His unwavering commitment to excellence and leadership ability have made him stand out among his peers. He has been a trailblazer in his role and has achieved incredible results through his innovative ideas and problem-solving skills. His ability to motivate and guide his team has led to significant business growth and increased client satisfaction.

Throughout his time at iPhiTech, Su-Hoon has consistently delivered exceptional performance, going above and beyond his responsibilities. He has been a role model for other employees, and his colleagues look up to him for guidance and support.

Choosing the Winner of The Tiger Award

At the Year-End Party, we announced Su-Hoon as the recipient of The Tiger Award. We honoured him with a trophy to commemorate his remarkable achievement. The CEO and President of iPhiTech, Mr. Mark Enriquez, attended the award ceremony and handed over the trophy to Su-Hoon.

We took the opportunity to highlight Su-Hoon’s achievements and recognize his exceptional contributions to the company. During his acceptance speech, Su-Hoon expressed his gratitude to iPhiTech for recognizing his efforts and promised to continue striving for excellence.


Tiger Award at iPhiTech’s Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022 is the pinnacle of recognition at iPhiTech, reserved for employees who exhibit CEO-caliber performance. Su-Hoon’s exemplary leadership, quality passion, and dedication made him the perfect candidate for this prestigious accolade. He is a role model for his colleagues and a driving force behind iPhiTech’s success. We are proud to have him as part of our team and look forward to his continued contributions to the company.

Additionally, iPhiTech is committed to recognizing t employees’ hard work, quality and dedication. It is our way of showing appreciation for their efforts and motivating them to achieve even greater success. We believe that recognizing and rewarding our employees is a key element in fostering a positive work environment and promoting long-term success for the company. We hope that Su-Hoon’s achievement inspires others to work harder, take on new challenges, and strive for excellence.

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