Try to Comprehend What Millennial Employees are Thinking

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Comprehend What Millennial Employees are Thinking

There have always been negative comments about millennials. It is hard to manage, impatient, narrow-minded, or lacking in commitment. Though flaws exist in every generation, most people view them as incomparable. But, the reason why there are so many people criticizing them is that they have a diverse set of views which most of the time opposes those of the older generation.


This is true in the work environment, too. Millennials often work with different motivations, different points of view, or different methods. But one can not consider whether something is wrong simply because you don’t share the same idea. So let’s just take a moment, remove and understand those stereotypes. Let’s hear some of their thoughts about working.


“this outdated software and internal processes aren’t working for me.”

It’s no secret that Millennials are the generation who are capable of manipulating technologies. Some might not know how to iron clothes, do laundry, or any other sort of chores. But they are able to use iPhones and other new gadgets without breaking any sweat. That’s why using older generation tools for work can be frustrating for them. Not only are they slow, but most of them are impractical to use anymore. Millennial employees hate this kind of delay because it prevents them from performing other tasks that are given to them. 

“I want to be managed by a capable individual.”

It’s not that they’re unmanageable, they just want someone who can manage. Because of the diversity in the perspective of Millennials, you can’t identify a distinct attitude that a manager should have.  But, most of them would consider someone who acts professionally in every situation, someone who gives proper delegations, and someone who shows initiative.

“I want the company to keep moving forward.”

Let’s face it, we’re living in an era where having the capability to access the internet is an advantage for companies and businesses alike. They need faster ways to advertise themselves to the people. That’s why Millennials want to be in a working environment where they focus on progress. A place where they don’t have to endure medieval methods to get the job done.

These are just some of the concerns that this particular generation is thinking about. Given the negative views of others to them, do these statements give merits, or are they even worth thinking about?

Whatever one chooses, there is a fast-growing number of Millennials applying or employed. There’s a very high inevitability of meeting them. The way you handle them can ensure two opposing things, failure or success, to the company’s future.


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