Celebrating Achievements: VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A Online Completion Ceremony

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VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A honors the completion of graduates who have shown resilience, devotion, and tenacity amidst a changing world. The Office of the Undersecretary for Civilian Security and Consultant Affairs is excited. They are celebrating an online completion ceremony on Saturday, July 29, 2023. This is in conjunction with the Diplomatic League (D-League).

This extraordinary occasion celebrates the successful completion of the program for 38 committed participants. They have shown an unparalleled dedication to youth participation and international diplomacy. The adventure that started on February 27 and ended on May 21 of the following year, 2023, was nothing short of remarkable from start to finish.

A Path to Personal Development and Educational Advancement

The VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A was a life-changing opportunity for all 38 participants who successfully completed the program. Throughout the course of the program, participants participated in a number of lively debates, dove deep into significant advocacy work, and produced noteworthy works supporting youth engagement in global diplomacy. They came away from this experience with invaluable knowledge and understanding of international politics, diplomatic procedures, and cross-cultural cooperation.The program’s practical approach prepares students for success in today’s interconnected world.

The proud iPhiTech managers who successfully completed the VAMBA Externship Programme include Abigail Cuenco, Cheska Angela Quigan Burrell, Daniel Espiritu Singian, Ferlan Lebrado, Jennifer Delmonte, Jerry Baral Cantilero, John Mark Dana Gayeta, Kim Harvey Tuazon, Lear Dacanay, Mark De Vera Enriquez, and Paul Erick Andrada Campos.

Notable Contributions and Forward-Thinking Initiatives

The VAMBA Externship Programme graduate’s completion has shown commitment to their community. They drove movements for climate change, gender equality, and inclusive education. Aspiring young diplomats exhibited dedication to diplomacy for constructive change. They enhanced international collaboration and built understanding bridges between nations. Their works encouraged peers and left an indelible mark on mentors and facilitators.

Commemorating Success with an Online Finishing Ceremony

As the online graduation ceremony approaches, excitement builds. The VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A completion event commemorates the young diplomats’ achievements and dedication. The graduates will also be encouraged by famous diplomatic speakers and mentors to continue their journey toward global participation and service.


The VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A online completion ceremony marks the culmination of a journey characterized by perseverance, development, and success. These 38 graduates are prepared to take on challenges and become leaders in diplomacy and international affairs.

Congratulations to the participants who completed the program with the Diplomatic League. Your commitment to international diplomacy and active participation as young people is admirable. The knowledge, experiences, and connections you gain will shape your future endeavors. Congratulations to those who have graduated from the VAMBA Externship Programme Batch 2023-A! The world eagerly awaits your extraordinary contributions.

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