Management Skills You can Learn from Mom


Regardless of gender roles, moms often spend more time with their children. Due to the clear parallels between parenting and management, they have acquired a number of abilities that are essential in operating a business.

8 Ideas for digital marketing that can take you to performance

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  I have been working in the Digital Marketing Industry for 10 years now, and I have seen several successes and flops from several companies who ventured here. Digital marketing has established itself as the most affordable marketing tactic for businesses – from small and medium enterprises to large corporations – to reach their targeted […]

Qualities of an Active Newly Established Website

  Most companies nowadays are utilizing the internet as a communication platform to improve their industry arguments. Via getting a company page, you can go out and conveniently market to millions and millions of people across the globe. But with big corporations lining up online, and enterprises, how will a newly formed one compete? The […]

General Assembly


iPhiTech IT and Digital Solutions Corporation, together with VST ECS Philippines Inc., was proud to sponsor the event and support the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators community in Central Luzon. They hope that the new officers, headed by its new President, Jonilo Mababa, will be able to continue the great work that has been done by PSITE in the past, and help to promote technology education in the region.

How to Use Stories for Your Pitch


The concept may appear strange to you, but believe me on this. You may utilize stories the next time you pitch your company to investors. Of course, you’re not going to walk down in costume and play Shakespeare on your investors. What you need to do is convey your pitch like a tale, without the dreary monotony of tables, graphs, and mountains of data.

4 Ways a Leader Could Inspire Employees


Managing several tasks at work may be difficult and draining. A team leader should therefore be able to assist each member in regaining their momentum. What better method to do this than through motivating them?Given that it forces someone to put their all into all they do, inspiration is a powerful term. Instead of moving mountains, a motivated person might balance three of them.

SMM Mistakes You Must Avoid


Everything changes with time, even technology. In the last several decades, technological progress has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing individuals to experience developments that were much beyond their expectations. The requirement of using the internet, especially for business, is one illustration of these developments. There are a ton of businesses these days on Facebook pages and other social media networks. In addition, there are websites, reviews, and blogs regarding particular categories of businesses.

Producing Faithful Employees Within a Company


Running a business may be challenging at times, especially if done alone. Employing someone to perform manual labor might therefore be quite beneficial. Your firm will succeed more as a result of the growing number of clients you will attract each day. As a result, there would be an increase in demands and clients. In order to increase the scope of your expanding firm, you will eventually need to construct more branches and hire more staff. Unfortunately, you have to pay a somewhat steep price for it.

Importance of Practicality in Business


In his community, a poor boy was the target of mockery. He has to decide between a huge silver coin and a gold coin each day. The boy always chose the silver coin and fled despite the fact that the silver coin is worth twice as much as the gold coin. The crowd could not stop laughing as a result.

Things You Need to Know As a Web Designer


There are some things we wish we had known before gaining knowledge in a specific sector. You may believe that working in the internet sector necessitates mastery of technological abilities and technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, jQuery, and Fireworks. However, this is not always the case. The tools and web programming languages are among the least important aspects to consider as a web designer.