Finding Filipinos: International Businesses Want Pinoys on Their Online Team  

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Before the online digital boom, Filipinos had been circling the globe in different capacities. They keep looking for greener grass and making their mark where they can. We’re lauded worldwide as capable and dependable nurses, entrepreneurs, helpers, clerks, and tradesmen, giving rise to the ‘hero’ OFW, aka the Overseas Filipino Worker. Earning a livelihood far away to provide a better life for their families back home. 

This ‘hero’ term is intended to honor OFWs’ sacrifice of leaving home to work and earn a living elsewhere. Still, these days, with the same resilience, intelligence, and job dedication of OFWs known the world over, Filipinos now earn a living with international employers right at home. 

The Rise of Businesses Going Digital

Bolstered by the necessary social distancing and limited contact brought about by the 2020 pandemic, has created a demand for staff who have a good command of conversational English, who are adaptable in their scheduling and duty hours, need to up their purchasing power, and increase their international marketability. Many international businesses that have decided to globalize their staff outsourcing employ Filipinos in different capacities, as these descriptions are relatable to many of them.

Gary Culverhouse of Beepo in his June 2023 article ’10 Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines’, writes that international businesses are keen on outsourcing Filipino staff as they are easier to get along with than other ethnicities. 

“Filipinos have adopted western cultural traditions and lifestyles, making it easy for them to communicate and build relationships with their foreign partners… The country’s cultural diversity has created a society that is social, friendly, motivated, hardworking and customer-focused. These traits make the Philippines an attractive destination for businesses looking to set up an outsourced team,” adds Culverhouse. 

These sentiments, coupled with the fact that most Filipinos have reached or completed higher education and are tech-savvy, are creating not just employment opportunities for Filipinos, but are also opening up new business markets for foreign businesses to look into. 

Online Jobs For Filipinos

Filipino programmers, accountants, graphic designers, call agents, and many more have made their living working online. Skilled, resourceful, intelligent, with good communication skills, and willing to adjust to the job’s demands. Filipinos are sought after for these qualities and more, as it has also become more appealing to cater to international clients whose pay is worth more for the same amount of work in a typical office in the Philippines. 

But on that note, Filipinos working online for international clients aren’t ‘cheap labor’ either! They know their worth and can spot predatory employers easily. Especially if they’ve got the education, professional licenses, expertise, and experience to match.

In the 70s and 80s, because of the massive movement of OFWs, it became an adage that you can find a Filipino working somewhere in the world.

Now that we’re online, it’s not hard to imagine that as early as now. Most people with access to the Internet can say where there’s an online business, there’s a Filipino on the roster. So, we created Bisdak Gid to become a bridge between Filipinos who wish to increase their income and don’t have to work far away from their families. We’ve helped many Filipinos achieve this through our training and programs and continually expanding to make online work accessible to the people.

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  1. I’m incredibly proud to this company that exemplifies the spirit of Filipino resilience and excellence. In an era where the world is increasingly interconnected digitally, BISDAK has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for Filipinos seeking to leverage their skills and talents without having to leave the comfort of their homes and families.

  2. Filipinos are rocking the global digital scene, and it’s awesome to see international businesses recognizing our skills and dedication. With our adaptability and tech know-how, we’re making waves from home. Bisdak Gid is key in making this happen, empowering us to excel online while staying close to our loved ones. Big props to the team for making it happen!

  3. This article talks about how Filipinos, known for their hard work, are now finding opportunities online. It explains how international businesses are hiring Filipinos for their skills and adaptability. It also mentions Bisdak Gid, a platform helping Filipinos find online work. Overall, it shows how Filipinos are succeeding in the digital world.

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