iPhiTech Representative Visits The Special Library of DOST STII

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For scholars and students interested in science and technology, the Special Library of the Department of Science and Technology Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST STII) is a treasure trove. This research library, which is located in Taguig City. The resource center for science and technology is open to everyone. Recently, iPhiTech visits the Special Library of the DOST STII and its extensive resources and amazing array of services.

The Enthralling Visit

iPhiTech visited DOST STII’s Special Library with Ms. Lynderlitte Maglaque as their guide. A guided tour led them through the various sections of the library, including the Circulation, Reference, Filipiniana, Digitization, and Archiving Sections. Accompanied by knowledgeable librarians, they were able to grasp the breadth and depth of resources available at their fingertips.

Within the confines of the Special Library, a treasure trove of knowledge awaits exploration. Boasting an extensive collection of books, journals. There are also various materials in science and technology, researchers are provided with an abundance of print and electronic resources. This amalgamation of sources ensures that seekers of knowledge have seamless access to the information they seek.

Empowering Services for Research and Learning

Beyond the rich collections, the Special Library extends myriad services that play a crucial role in supporting research and fostering the spirit of learning. Offering valuable reference assistance, interlibrary loans, and document delivery services. The library proves itself to be an indispensable asset for knowledge seekers. Additionally, it goes a step further by providing training sessions that equip users with the best skills to use its vast resources.

Paving the Way for Collaboration

As a pivotal moment during the visit, representatives from iPhiTech expressed keen interest in forming a potential partnership with Starbooks. Recognizing Starbooks as an interface that houses a myriad of digitized science and technology resources. The partnership aims to kindle interest in the field among Filipinos, ultimately encouraging higher enrollment in science and technology courses. Such a collaboration would create an accessible platform, simplifying access to valuable information on science and technology for students and researchers alike.

In Conclusion

The Special Library of the DOST STII serves as a beacon for researchers and students venturing into science and technology. The library is a valuable tool for those seeking knowledge in this field. The recent visits from iPhiTech representatives to the special library of DOST STII have marked the beginning of a promising partnership. This could broaden access to science and technology resources, ultimately leading to a brighter future for research and innovation.

With the potential of this alliance on the horizon, we are optimistic about the future strides that researchers, students, and professionals can take together. It will help shape a world driven by curiosity and advancement in science and technology.

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