Best Diplomats: Promoting International Cooperation Against Human Trafficking

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iPhiTech CEO and Executives attended the Best Diplomats at Bangkok, Thailand

From April 29, 2023, to May 1, 2023, the esteemed Prince Palace Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, set the stage for an extraordinary event, “Best Diplomats: Diplomacy Beyond Barriers.” During these four days, diplomats from around the globe united with a common goal: to address the pressing issue of human trafficking and exploitation as a form of transnational organized crime.

The event, organized by Best Diplomats, served as a platform for fruitful discussions, in-depth analysis, and strategic planning. Delegates from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe showcased global commitment to combatting this grave humanitarian challenge with representation from nearly 150 countries.

About Best Diplomats

Headquartered in New York, Best Diplomats is dedicated to nurturing diplomatic, leadership, and policy drafting skills among aspiring diplomats. Their mission is to shape youth into future leaders by collaborating with various groups, providing platforms to showcase diplomatic abilities. Their ultimate goal is to empower these emerging leaders to revolutionize future foreign policy and the United Nations. The Bangkok event showcased commitment and the potential of diplomatic simulations to create positive change.

Flow of Debate

The event’s dynamic atmosphere was characterized by the carefully crafted flow of debate. It began with each delegate delivering their diplomatic stance on the topic of human trafficking and exploitation as a form of transnational organized crime. The iPhiTech executives assumed the roles of delegates from different countries, each tasked with presenting the current stand, initiatives, and plans of the country they represented. The CEO took on the role of the Delegate of North Korea, while the VP of Administration became the Delegate of Canada. Additionally, the VP of Operations assumed the position of the Delegate of Spain, and the VP of Product & Technology represented the Delegate of Venezuela, with the Corporate Communications Manager as the Delegate of New Zealand.

The discussions continued with negotiation sessions that fostered collaboration among like-minded allies. During the first negotiation, the focus was on protecting the most vulnerable groups against human trafficking. Delegates explored strategies to provide vital support, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities to women, children, migrants, and refugees—the individuals most susceptible to exploitation.

Another pivotal diplomatic discussion revolved around resolving the issue of organized crime practices, specifically related to human trafficking. Delegates stressed coordinated efforts, information sharing, resource allocation, and implementing best practices across governments and organizations.

Negotiation 2 brought attention to Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Delegates collaborated to establish cooperative pathways for member states in the collective fight against modern slavery. Their efforts aimed to strengthen legal frameworks and ensure accountability for perpetrators of human trafficking.

Voting Procedure

After rigorously deliberating, three opposing groups drafted and presented three sets of resolutions: (1) they proposed sanctioning all perpetrators of human trafficking, (2) they advocated for the legalization of human trafficking, and (3) they suggested a combination of both approaches. Nations present at the event engaged in a democratic voting process, deciding which resolution they supported. The most voted resolution would advance to the United Nations, bolstering the global fight against human trafficking.


Participants experienced a day filled with anticipation and celebration during the final day of the Best Diplomats event in Bangkok. Additionally, the awarding ceremony recognized the outstanding efforts of participants. With accolades such as the Best Diplomatic Stance Award, Best Negotiator Awards, Outstanding Diplomat Awards, and the coveted Best Diplomat Award. Moreover, the Best Delegation Award, a special citation, celebrated the collective achievements of a nation’s delegation.

The successful Best Diplomats’ event in Bangkok united participants in their shared goal of ending human trafficking. Furthermore, through diplomatic simulations such as this, we can inspire and train the next generation of leaders to tackle global challenges and create a better future for all. 

The event was a true testament to the power of international cooperation and the transformative potential of diplomacy beyond barriers. We can only hope that this event is the beginning of many more initiatives that will continue to promote the United Nations’ vision of a world free from human trafficking and exploitation.

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