Four Questions to Ponder Before Hiring an Applicant

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It’s hard enough to be treated as a final obstacle to obtaining a job, but it’s even harder to deal with so many applicants lining up just to get into one particular position. There are so many aspiring staffs out there that have different things to offer. Some are fresh graduates, undergraduates, experienced, and longtime unemployed people. And the possibility of you breaking most of their hearts at the end of every interview is inevitable.


It’s quite understandable since your concern is not pleasing every soul but pleasing the needs of your company. You need competent individuals to work for you. So how are you going to know if they pass or not? To find out, here are 4 questions to think about before hiring an applicant:

1. Is the applicant likable?   

It’s quite normal to want to work with someone you like. You need to see if they could jive not only with you but with your other employees as well. Inspecting the way they communicate is essential. See if you like their answer or the way they answer your questions. Also consider their facial cues, eye contact, body language, and their overall presentation of confidence and politeness. Many have different preferences on the balance between these two, so it all depends on you.

2. Is the applicant credible? 

A major factor is their educational background. But, in testing their credibility, there are other things to consider. You could present situations that would show their minds’ complexity, the practicality of their ideas, and other qualities that you and your company expect.

3. Does he/she have the proper motivation for applying to my company?    

Having a high salary expectancy is understandable as earning money is mostly the reason for applying for a job. Noble gestures such as helping out in their household, providing for their family, and wanting to find a decent job can be also considered. Because it shows that the applicant will take the job seriously. Aside from that, you’d also want to see if they share your vision for the company. Keep a good eye on those who give not only positive comments but also their ideas to improve your company more. Because this proves that they did their research before participating in the interview and that these people are more likely to assist you in the long run.

4. Does he/she stand out?

Although we want to meticulously find certain qualities that our applicants possess, there are some that exceed our expectations with their offers. Some would display unique qualities such as having a mild but dynamic personality, a creative but practical point of view, and more. These people have a different kind of charm which you would never find in others. They aren’t that hard to stand out because when you interview them, it’s greatly seen. But, most of them would catch you off guard so you need some strategies to properly evaluate them.

With these essential questions in mind, hiring the applicant who’s best fitted to join your company will be a lot easier.


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