Highlighting Other Awardees of iPhiTech’s Year-End Party

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The iPhiTech Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022 was an evening of celebration, honor, and recognition. It was a night filled with music, good food, and company. The Other Awardees of iPhiTech’s Year-End Party was an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the achievements. TThe most dedicated, talented, and hardworking members of the team will receive the awardees. We will highlight the awardees of the other six different awards in this blog post.

The Ace of Initiative Award

The Ace of Initiative Award recognizes an employee’s hard work and dedication to advancing the company’s objectives. This year, Mr. Jerald Dela Cruz was presented with this award in appreciation of his exceptional effort and dedication. His willingness to go above and beyond in all of his tasks has made him an asset to the company.

Executive Coach Award

Ms. Chona Castro received the Executive Coach Award for her unwavering compliance. An esteemed colleague who has shown exceptional dedication to bettering themselves and those around them earns this prestigious honor.

She goes well with company policies, has exemplary attendance, and willingness to lend aid when needed. Ms. Castro’s exceptional dedication and commitment to self-improvement have made her a role model for her colleagues.

Paramount Achievement Award

An employee with outstanding efforts gives The Paramount Achievement Award to Mr. Rowel Empacta for his exceptional work in completing projects that exceeded client expectations this year. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail have made him an invaluable member of the team.

Arete Award

The Arete Award is presented to an employee who is dedicated to bettering themselves. And willing to generously share their technological knowledge with colleagues. The Arete Award committee awarded Mr. Michelangelo Mamacla this year. His colleagues recognized him for his exceptional willingness to guide and support them, particularly in the execution of assigned tasks. Mr. Mamacla’s dedication to self-improvement and commitment to helping others has made him a valuable member of the team.

iPhiTech Special Awards / Exemplary Behavior Award

iPhiTech grants the Exemplary Behavior Award to an employee who has exhibited outstanding gallantry and performance, attitude, and dedication that embodies the spirit of the iPhiTech team.

The company recognized Mr. Jenver Guevarra this year for his consistent hard work, exceptional performance, and dedication.

Mr. Guevarra’s commitment to the company’s values and success and his willingness to go above and beyond have made him an exemplary member of the team.

Leadership Award

An employee who has displayed extraordinary performance and unwavering dedication receives the Leadership Award. This year, we have recognized Mr. Jordan Lobo for his endless devotion to the team and his commitment to leading by example. Mr. Lobo’s dedication and commitment to the company’s values have made him an exceptional leader and an asset to the team.

Face of the Night (Female Category)

The first award of the night, the Face of the Night for the female category was given to Ms. Andrea Hizon. Her commanding presence and inspiring confidence caught everyone’s attention. Her shimmering look not only exudes glamor, but also serves as an embodiment of courage and confidence. It was a true tribute to all those who attended the event. It recognized the boldness and bravery that all of us possess.

Face of the Night (Male Category)

On the other hand, Mr. Harvey Pecjo is the Face of the Night for the male category. The award was a recognition of his outstanding presence and striking personality. His dazzling charisma was hard to ignore and had everyone captivated throughout the evening. He was a true embodiment of the values of iPhiTech – boldness, resilience, and courage.


The iPhiTech Stick Together, Sing Together Party 2022 was a celebration of excellence, a tribute to the hardworking employees of iPhiTech who have given their all to the company. iPhiTech recognized the other Awardees of iPhiTech’s Year-End Party different awards for their exceptional work, unwavering commitment, and dedication to the company’s values. These individuals have set the standard for excellence and have inspired their colleagues to strive for the same level of commitment and dedication. iPhiTech is proud to have such dedicated and talented individuals on its team and looks forward to their continued success in the future.

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