Two parts make up the job pattern of an IT company that is engaged in software development. This includes software creation and software project management.


What is a Software Project?

A software project is the complete procedure of software development from the collection of requirements to the testing, maintenance, and execution of methodologies used in a given period to achieve a software product.


There is little experience known in software product creation. They say software is an intangible product. Most of the software products we know of today are tailor-fit to the needs and requirements of clients. Technology changes and advances so fast that what is used in one product may not apply to another. It is essential to mc

The software projects involve three constraints. They are time, cost, and quality. As a vital part of the software organization, you need to deliver an excellent quality product while keeping the cost within the clients’ budget and being able to deliver the project as scheduled. Keeping all three constraints in mind is essential to ensuring project success. This is why project management software is essential. If one of the three is compromised there will probably be a severe impact.


A software project is the responsibility of a software project manager. He is of all the SDLC phases that will be undergone by a software. A project manager may not be directly involved in the end product production, but he is the one in control and charge of the production activities. 


A project manager is responsible for supervising closely in the development process. Make sure the plans are drawn up and executed correctly. He also sees to it that all resources are necessary and adequate. A project manager makes it a point to keep and maintain good communication for addressing budget, cost, quality, time, and customer satisfaction issues.

A project manager is also responsible for the following:

  • People management
  • Functioning as a project leader
  • Stakeholders liaison
  • Human resources management
  • Reporting the setup of Hierarchy
  • Project management
  • Project scope definition and setup
  • Project management activities management
  • Monitoring progress and performance
  • Analysis of risk at every phase
  • Reduction and problem solving
  • Project spokesperson

Software project management involves a lot of activities. This will include project planning, decision about the scope of a software product, cost estimation, scheduling of tasks and events, and management of resources.


Some other activities also included in project management are:

  • Planning of the project – You should perform the software project planning task before the project starts. The planning of the software project is done but it has no direct connection with software production. It is a collection of different processes that facilitate software production.


  • Management of the scope – It is the definition of the scope of the project. To make a deliverable software project. Scope management of all the activities and processes should be done. The vital reason why scope management should be available is so that it will set the boundaries in the business. It will be in charge of clearly distinguishing the things to be done and not done in the project. To avoid cost and time overrun, scope management should have a limit on the task in the documentation. 

These are some of the necessary things to be done during project scope management:

  • Scope definition
  • Verification and control decision
  • Divide the project into smaller parts for ease of management
  • Scope verification
  • Scope control by incorporating scope changes


  • Estimation of the project – By estimating the different measures, management becomes effective and accurate. Through this, managers can do a proper estimate to better manage and control the project’s efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Estimation of effort, time, and cost

The manager shall estimate efforts for personnel and man-hour requirements for the production of the software. After the estimation of size and effort, time should be estimated. An estimation of the time required to finish the software is done. Tasks are on a daily basis schedule or made in calendar months. Lastly, the cost should be estimated. This is the most difficult of all since it depends on more elements. 


Software project and software project management can be effectively done if you follow the steps that will guide you through success. It doesn’t sound as complicated. You’ll be assured to have a winning project in your hands as long as you stick on the plan.

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