How iPhiTech Developed Goal-Setting Strategies Through Fun

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Goal-setting strategies and team motivation were the focus of iPhiTech’s recent team-building event at Aqua Planet on DeValentine’s Day. With the right combination of activities, the team was able to develop a sense of responsibility and improve their goal-setting skills.

The team worked together and completed their tasks with enthusiasm and focus, which helped them build a great sense of responsibility for the collective goal. Through open discussion and positive reinforcement, the team was able to gain a better understanding of the importance of motivation and teamwork for achieving success.

What Is DeValentine’s Day?

You’ve probably heard of Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of DeValentine’s Day? It might sound like a marketing ploy, but it’s actually a special day that iPhiTech created when they set up shop at Aqua Planet and began to build team responsibility among their employees.

DeValentine’s Day is part celebration and part mission, with employees taking part in various activities that create an environment where achieving goal setting strategies and building team dynamics become fun rather than tedious tasks. For example, in the afternoon employees may participate in games to gain an understanding of their roles within the organization and how each person contributes to the success of the company as a whole. At the same time, they will have plenty of opportunities to talk more informally over lunch and get to know one another better.

Ultimately, DeValentine’s Day is all about creating an atmosphere of trust and support while also giving everyone personal responsibility over their work. By participating in fun activities together and having positive conversations, employees can become more engaged with their teams and develop better goal-oriented attitudes at work.

What Activities Did iPhiTech Do?

At iPhiTech, we set out to have some fun and break down barriers at the same time. We organized activities like “Touch and Pick,” to enhance a sense of focus towards the goal as well as “Follow The Leader” to teach each participant to listen attentively to the instructions from the leader, “Tower Building” to demonstrate the value of planning and teamwork. The team also did “Body Water Relay” to improve communication and build a high-performance team from a small group to a larger group.

Touch and Pick

The first activity on DeValentine’s Day is Touch and Pick. The goal of this activity is two-fold: to enhance the sense of focus toward the goal and to develop a sense of responsibility in achieving those goals.

The mechanics of this game are simple: the facilitator will shout out the parts of the body (head, shoulders, knees, and toes) that need to be touched, and the participants will follow the instructions. When the facilitator shouts “pick,” participants must grab the target in front of them. The group with the most number of targets picked wins.

Benefits: This activity teaches employees to focus and be more attentive, as well as instills a sense of responsibility in achieving the set goals. It also helps to build teamwork and improve communication skills as everyone works towards a common goal.

Follow the Leader

The second activity of DeValentine’s Day is Follow the Leader. The goal of this game is to help each participant learn to listen attentively to their leader; and for leaders to learn by giving a smart setting strategies, and for the team as a whole to develop strong dynamics.

The mechanics of this game are straightforward: team members line up and are blindfolded. The team leader stays at the back of the line and gives directions (left or right) to guide the team to different locations of the puzzle pieces. The first person in line must pick up the puzzle piece, and the team must solve the puzzle and shout to indicate they are done.

Benefits: This activity teaches employees the importance of listening and following instructions, as well as the importance of effective communication. It also helps build team dynamics and improve leadership skills.

Tower Building

The third activity of DeValentine’s Day is Tower Building. The objective of this game is to demonstrate the value of planning and teamwork.

In this game, participants will build a tower using materials like straw or newspaper. They have 15 minutes to plan and 15 minutes to build the tower. The ground rules are that participants cannot touch the materials during the planning stage.

Benefits: This activity teaches employees the importance of planning and teamwork. It helps to improve communication skills, as well as problem-solving, management skills, and decision-making abilities.

Body Water Relay

The concluding event of the DeValentine’s Day celebration is the Body Water Relay, which involves the following mechanics: The facilitator arranges pails filled with water at the starting line, and places empty 1.5-liter plastic bottles at the other end. Group members pair up and randomly select a strip of paper from the facilitator. Each strip contains a body part (e.g. palm, elbow, shoulder, knee), which will determine how the pair will transport the bottle of water.

Participants are paired up and randomly assigned a body part to transport a sponge soaked in water from a pail to an empty plastic bottle placed at a distance. The pairs squeeze the water out of the sponge into the bottle using only the assigned body part. The activity continues until the water reaches a specific height in the bottle, and the first group to achieve this height wins.

Benefits: This activity teaches the importance of effective communication and teamwork. By splitting into pairs and then working as a larger group, the participants will learn the value of delegating tasks, planning and coordination. The activity also promotes physical activity, which is important for both mental and physical health. It helps to boost energy levels and promotes teamwork, which is a key aspect in creating a successful high-performance team.

How Did the Activities Help Build Sense of Responsibility in Achieving Goals?

The activities were designed to build a sense of team responsibility and provide a fun environment for employees to work together and achieve their goals. Through the various challenges, teams had to collaborate on goal setting strategies, problem-solve and help each other out, building a sense of responsibility for their actions and those of their collaborators.

The activities also enabled participants to:

  1. Develop better communication skills between each other and understand differences in opinions.
  2. Strengthen teamwork by building mutual trust among team members.
  3. Establish clear expectations for success and failure, helping employees understand the importance of accountability within a team.
  4. Improve decision-making skills by learning how to make decisions based on the best interests of the team as a whole.
  5. Foster collaboration among teams by identifying common goals and working towards them together with enthusiasm and commitment.

By taking part in these fun activities at Aqua Planet, iPhiTech employees were able to develop better goal through collaboration, setting strategies, trust-building, decision-making practice, communication practice, improved problem solving skills and understanding the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions – all while having fun!

What Were the Takeaways From This DeValentine’s Day Experience?

After the fun-filled day at Aqua Planet, the team at iPhiTech had a lot to take away from the experience. The most obvious takeaway was that goal setting could be fun and engaging, while still being productive. The group activities provided a platform through which team members could build rapport and open communication.

iPhiTech has built better goals for its teams by engaging people on a personal level, encouraging collaboration and opening up conversations about how to make progress together. This has improved not just productivity but also team dynamics.

Ultimately, iPhiTech’s DeValentines Day at Aqua Planet helped the organization build healthier relationships between its employees while providing everyone with an enjoyable way of developing goal setting skills.


iPhiTech’s DeValentine’s Day celebration was a testament to the power of creating an enjoyable, memorable experience to promote teamwork and create stronger sense of responsibility towards the goal using setting strategies. By creating an opportunity to get away from the office and participate in activities that pushed employees to think differently and creatively, iPhiTech was able to develop the energy and sense of responsibility needed to take their team to the next level.

Through this creative approach, iPhiTech was able to build stronger bonds among their employees, strengthen their team dynamics, and create a close-knit team that could work together efficiently to accomplish their goals. Ultimately, the success of this experience speaks to the importance of giving employees the opportunity to take on new experiences and challenges, as it is key to fostering strong team dynamics, morale, and enthusiasm in the workplace.

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