How to Use Stories for Your Pitch

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The concept may appear strange to you, but believe me on this. You may utilize stories the next time you pitch your company to investors. Of course, you’re not going to walk down in costume and play Shakespeare on your investors. What you need to do is convey your pitch like a tale, without the dreary monotony of tables, graphs, and mountains of data.

Any person is naturally drawn to stories. We love tales – true stories with struggle and a hero. Stories have such an impact on us that we become more emphatic, prompting us to take action. You are the protagonist in your company’s tale. You only need to tell. Here’s how:

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Share Your Backstory

Tell them how and why you established your business. Your past will engage your audience in the same way that superhero origin stories do – it will provide context. It allows your investors to understand who you are as the entrepreneur and why you do what you do. Remember, your investors have heard more 10-slide pitches than you have ever presented, but your narrative is unique – it is yours and yours alone.

Describe Your Conflicts

Tell them about the difficulties, disappointments, and tribulations you had to endure to get your firm to where it is today. Tell them how you overcame them and guided your organization through the process. This shows the investors that you are someone who can look after your firm as well as the investments that they will put in it.

Be open and honest about any difficulties you are experiencing today; do not withhold any information. Tell them the complete truth, but back it up with concrete strategies for dealing with each obstacle.

Convey Your Vision

The three words that investors despise to hear are “I don’t know,” especially when asked about the future of your firm. Investors want to profit from their investments for as long as possible, and uncertainty about your future makes them hesitant to put their hard-earned money in your firm.

Paint an image that is so vivid and genuine that people can’t help but believe it. Finally, this is the most significant tale you can tell. The future is unavoidable, and investors would rather you be prepared for it. You’ll get there one way or another, but the train is leaving the station right now. Are your investors on board or not?

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