iPhiTech Joins IRCITE 2024: A Showcase of IT Excellence and Innovation

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iPhiTech, a leading web and software engineering company in the Philippines, is proud to announce its participation in the International Research Conference on Information Technology Education (IRCITE) 2024. The event, which will be held at Wesleyan University-Philippines in Cabanatuan City, aims to bring together IT educators, researchers, practitioners, and students from different countries to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences on various topics related to IT education.

What is IRCITE 2024

The annual International Research Conference on Information Technology Education (IRCITE) is organized by the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) Region 3 (PSITE-CL). PSITE-CL, a professional organization for Central Luzon’s IT educators, strives to advance regional IT education and research. They both empower future IT professionals by engaging and inspiring students. IRCITE, a PSITE-CL event, offers a platform for IT stakeholders to showcase excellence, innovation, and foster collaboration within the local and global IT landscape.

IRCITE 2024’s theme, “Breaking Barriers and Empowering Change through Global Innovation, Knowledge, Engineering, and Diversity-Centered Research,” reflects PSITE-CL’s vision and mission, aligning with current trends and challenges in IT education and research. The conference underscores the crucial role of IT in tackling today’s global social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues, while celebrating the IT community’s diversity and creativity.

The IRCITE 2024 will be conducted at Wesleyan University-Philippines, an educational institution in Cabanatuan City.

This is also supported by Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) and Central Luzon State University, two of the leading state universities in Central Luzon that offer quality IT education and research.

Notable Representatives and Managers at IRCITE 2024

iPhiTech sent a delegation of its top executives, managers, and staff to attend IRCITE 2024. The representatives who attended the event were; Mr. Mark Enriquez, CEO of iPhiTech,

Mr. Ferlan Lebrado, Corporate Communications Manager, Ralph Pe, Senior Accounts Executive, Ms. Lear Dacanay, Human Resources Director, Maverick Doctor, Team Lead

Floyd Lorena, Account Executive, Paul Campos, Success and Resource Manager, Harvey Tuazon, VP for Strategy and Growth, Ms. Andrea Hizon, Corporate Relations Ambassador,

This remarkable event was the result of the hard work and dedication of the people who managed every aspect of the event. They were also the ones who planned, coordinated, and executed the event successfully.

 Here’s a list of them:

Competitions at IRCITE 2024

Generally, this event offers a variety of competitions that cater to different IT skills and talents. Whether you are good at writing, designing, editing, marketing, or performing, there is a competition for you at IRCITE 2024. The competitions are open to all IT students and professionals who want to showcase their IT excellence and innovation, as well as to win exciting prizes and recognition. The competitions inside are:

Technical Content Writing 

This competition challenges the participants to write a technical article on a given topic. The article should be informative, engaging, and original. Also, the article should be submitted online before the deadline and will be judged based on the content, structure, style, and grammar.

Digital Arts

Students will design a digital artwork using original elements. Artists are encourage to express their unique style and technique while creating the artwork from scratch using a raster graphics editor.

Video Editing

The video editing competition invites students to create a video inspired by a provided reference video. The submitted entries will be evaluated based on its technical quality, content, originality and also reactions from viewers.

IT Marketing

The Marketing Plan Competition is to develop and submit a comprehensive marketing plan for a designated product or service. This plan should outline a well-defined strategy to effectively position it as the preferred solution for the presented market need. Judges will thoroughly evaluate each submitted plan based on its clarity, communication, presentation, effectiveness, creativity, and originality.

Microsoft Office Specialist Challenge

This competition challenges the participants to demonstrate their proficiency and mastery in using Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The participants were given a set of tasks and scenarios that require them to use the Microsoft Office applications to complete them. 

Hataw Sayaw (Dance Competition). 

This event challenges teams to showcase their talents through a fusion of dance and Original Pilipino music (OPM) of any genre. Teams must create a street dance routine using OPM (remixes allowed) while adhering to guidelines prohibiting offensive language, revealing costumes, and dangerous stunts.


In this character portrayal competition, participants showcase their creativity while remaining respectful and appropriate for all audiences. Costumes should avoid vulgarity and revealing attire, and performances should be free of offensive content. Each contestant will have 2-3 minutes to portray their chosen character, including a brief introduction and the character’s signature line. 

These competitions at IRCITE 2024 are a great opportunity for IT enthusiasts to show their skills as well as to have fun and enjoy the event. Don’t miss this chance to join the competition’s exciting events happening on this day!

In Conclusion

IRCITE 2024 offers a unique opportunity to learn, share, and connect with a global IT community. Expand your knowledge through insightful sessions and showcase your innovative spirit in diverse competitions. iPhiTech is without a doubt proud to be part of this unmissable event.

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