RAITE Hackathon 2023: A Showcase of Innovation, Inspiration, and the Power of Human Ingenuity

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At the AUF Sports and Cultural Center in Angeles City, Pampanga, they held The Regional Assembly on Information Technology Education 2023 (RAITE 2023) on October 20, 2023.

When the PSITE-CL held their annual conference, RAITE 2023, they invited the country’s top artificial intelligence (AI) firm, iPhiTech, to co-host the event. This year’s subject, AI Nexus: Convergence of Technology and Human Ingenuity, sought to help IT instructors and students become well-versed in this area so that they could stay abreast of the most recent developments in the field.

The centerpiece of the conference was the RAITE Hackathon 2023, a competition that tasked teams of IT students and teachers from several institutions in the area with developing novel solutions using artificial intelligence. Teams competed in the AI Challenge, using an AI platform to address a predetermined issue and the AI Showcase. Professionals from iPhiTech, PSITE-CL, and other related companies evaluated the hackathon.

We presented the winners of the RAITE Hackathon 2023 with cash prizes, certificates, and trophies, which the students gracefully received.

The Activities and the Fun

It was about more than just the prizes during the RAITE Hackathon 2023. It also served as a stage for event like:

  • Lanyard Design Competition: Participants were tasked with coming up with their very own lanyard designs utilizing their own creativity.
  • Lip Sync Battle: It was a competition where contestants lip-synced and performed their favorite songs in an effort to win over the judges and the audience.
  • E-Games: Competitors test their skills in a multiplayer online battle arena game called “Mobile Legend.”
  • Mr. and Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill: This was similar to a beauty pageant in that the contestants had to demonstrate their charisma, wit, and advocacy skills.
  • Quiz Bee: A competitive game where participants demonstrate their knowledge and quick thinking skills by answering a series of questions on a variety of subjects.
  • Video Editing: Students were tasked with producing and editing a video showcasing their storytelling and technical abilities concerning RAITE 2023 and its topic.
  • Content Creation: This required students to demonstrate their vlogging and editing abilities by putting their effort into making one video project.
  • Zebra Programming Competition: To write and execute programs that tackle a wide range of issues.

These events aimed to highlight the participants’ abilities while encouraging them to get to know one another better. Giveaways, raffles, and freebies were abundant at the event, thanks to the generosity of iPhiTech and other sponsors.

Also, we can’t forget our flavorful sponsor, “Kuya JM”  for filling the students’ and participants’ appetites. Their good-ol-classic Famous Ube Champorado really hits the spot! You can visit their restaurant that’s located at 144 B Narciso Ave, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga – take a detour and try it out!

Vlogging and Hackathon Competition Winners

The task assigned to the students was to produce and edit a video showcasing their storytelling and technical abilities concerning RAITE 2023, following the theme: AI for Social Good: Empowering Change.

Here are the winners in their category:

During the Hackathon competition, the task assigned to the students was to create their own coding versions directed towards the theme of “Code for Health: Bringing Innovation and Wellness.”

Here are the Grand Winners of the different development types:
  • Web Front-End Development – The awarded Grand Winner in this category goes to the Don Honorio Ventura State University. Featuring two bright-minded students named Kerby Mathew Sarcia and Mark Leigh David.
  • Web Back-End Development – Another category has been taken again by the same university – Don Honorio Ventura State University for being the grand winner! This goes off to the two tech-savvy students named Bryan Gambo and Clarence Manuel
  • Game Development One university that deserves the Grand Winner title in coding games goes off to STI San Fernando City. The single student who participated in the competition was Allen Harold Ibarra.
  • Mobile Development The university that received the last competition and received the Grand Winner was Holy Angel University. We can’t forget the main stars of the competition category, Mark Joseph Buduan and Earl Joshua Vergara.

The quality and creativity of the videos and developments created by these students impressed both the judges and the students themselves. They did great work! The winners received cash prizes, certificates, and trophies. Hat’s off to these universities, especially the students, for showing off their creativity and passion in their work. 


Thanks to the hard work of iPhiTech and PSITE-CL and the participation and generosity of all the participants, partners, and sponsors, the RAITE Hackathon 2023 was a smashing success. The event was a monument to the potential and promise of AI in the Philippines, showcasing innovation, inspiration, and the power of human ingenuity. The gathering also demonstrated that AI is more than just a technology; it is a resource that can stimulate and elevate human brilliance.

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