Swipe Right on Success : Your IT Branding Playbook for the TikTok Generation

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Being relevant in the Information Technology (IT) sector is difficult when technology evolves exponentially. IPhiTech recently addressed this issue in a session titled “Swipe Right on Success: Your IT Branding Playbook for the TikTok Generation.” Students and professionals at Saint Louis College San Fernando, La Union, gained essential knowledge about navigating the TikTok era’s IT world from this session. This event is hosted by one of the Senior Account Executive at iPhiTech, Ms. Anna Lee Rodriguez.

Setting the Scene

The seminar was hosted and unfolded with an electrifying atmosphere. Participants from diverse IT backgrounds converged at a venue that was nothing short of inspiring. Dr. Jose J. Pangngay, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education, and Information Technology, delivered the introductory remarks. The event theme, “Swipe Right on Success,” cleverly alluded to the popular dating app Tinder. Symbolizing the significance of making the right choices in one’s IT career. Attendees were in for an event to help them make informed decisions in their IT journeys.

Insights From the Main Speaker

Sir Mark Vincent Enriquez, President of iPhiTech IT and Digital Solutions Corporation, served as the seminar’s main speaker. Sir Mark spoke persuasively about the critical significance of personal branding in the modern IT world and provided insightful comments. A person’s online presence is a valuable commodity in the TikTok Generation. Sir Mark fervently urged guests to take advantage of the enormous power of social media sites like TikTok.

He underlined that developing a personal brand goes beyond demonstrating technical expertise. It also entails sharing knowledge and connecting with other professionals with similar interests. The talk by Sir Mark clarified the subtleties of developing a strong and genuine internet presence.

Additionally, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in interactive Q&A sessions with Sir Mark, during which they could ask him questions and get real-world advice on building their own brands. The significance of honesty and consistency in cultivating a strong and long-lasting online presence persisted as a resounding theme throughout the session. These sessions with a seasoned industry expert gave participants a priceless chance to speak firsthand, further enhancing the seminar’s impact.

Networking Opportunities

A crucial takeaway from the event was the importance of networking. Attendees had the chance to connect with industry professionals, peers, and potential mentors. Building meaningful relationships and seeking guidance from experienced individuals emerged as indispensable factors in one’s IT career.

On the fun side of networking, there was Ms. Andrea Hizon and Ms. Lear Dacanay who brought excitement and thrill to the event. Being the Interim Corporate Relations Ambassador of iPhiTech, Ms. Hizon herself conducted the games and raffle activities during the event together with our HR Director, Ms. Lear.

In Summary

“Swipe Right on Success: Your IT Branding Playbook for the TikTok Generation,” organized by iPhiTech, was a resounding success. The seminar illuminated the shifting landscape of the IT industry and provided attendees with actionable insights to thrive in the age of TikTok. From the nuances of personal branding to the significance of networking, the event covered every facet of IT success.

Lastly, we would like to again thank the following PSITE Ilocos Region Officers for organizing this event: Dr. Alvin Malicdem, President; Dr. Joey S. Aviles, Vice President Internal; Engr. Ficer Dofredo, Vice President External; Dr. Arnel Ocay Secretary; Prof. Marlyn Rodriguez, Assistant Secretary; Prof. Wilben Christie Pagtaconan, Treasurer; Prof. Ramil Batin, Assistant Treasurer; Dr. Reynald Jay Hidalgo, Auditor; and Prof. Albert Subang, P.R.O.

As technology evolves, this seminar serves as a poignant reminder that adaptability, innovation, and networking are the cornerstones to stay head in the ever-changing tech arena. The TikTok Generation may be characterized by its short attention spans, but the lessons learned at this event are poised to have a lasting impact. Swipe right on success and embrace the boundless opportunities that await in the realm of IT.

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  1. This was informative on how opportunities will come to a person by making themselves stand out throught their own brand. Hindi pala sapat ang kakayahan lang kung wala naman nakakaalam ng kaya mong gawin

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