Things to Learn To Become a Full Stack Web Developer

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Whether you’re a home-based Web developer or working as a full-time developer, becoming a Full Stack Web Developer is always important to have the key skills. Studying from tools down to programming languages may seem like a daunting task but it will all be worth it in the end. Even if you have the basics, learning more will enable you to gain additional knowledge that would be a great asset for you and for whatever business you choose to work for.


Having a personal collection of knowledge on several programs will not only add more to your resume but also help you in the long run since the more you know, the better you can get. With modern technology, what should you learn to become a great Full Stack Developer? Let’s run through each and one of them.



You need to have a solid foundation before everything else. And you need to have a solid background on HTML and CSS is becoming a Full Stack Web Developer since these two are the basics and essential foundations of every Web Developer out there.



is like the backbone of every website since this gives them the structure and functionality as a whole with the help of simple markup syntaxes. On the other hand, the CSS allows you to design the website with a font of your choice, a style and a color depending on what brand it is.


Programming Languages 

Programming Languages are essential to every quality web developers in today’s world. It allows you to have and to add more features to your website to boost visitor experience. At the moment, the technology industry recommends three programming languages that every developer should know. These are JavaScipt, Phyton, and TypeScript.



is among today’s most widely used languages. It provides an innovative system for building a better user experience that you can incorporate into your web site. Then we have a program which is gaining fame because of its tremendous use of cases: Phyton. This is also one of the most sought-after programs today by most companies. And lastly, as a JavaScript partner, TypeScript provides state-of-the-art tools that work best with code editors. If you want a head start, you might want to master each of these programs because knowing everything could surely give your client an enormous advantage.



Once you have the recommended knowledge on these Programming Languages, you can now move on to Frameworks. Having Frameworks give you an easier way to develop standard functionalities. Using these can also fasten up your work for both frontend and backend aspects. Let’s explore some of the most used frameworks today.



This has gained its fame for providing the best features in front-end development. It is considered to be one of the essential frameworks today. And thanks to this, many companies seek developers with experience in this framework to structure client-based websites as one of their needs

And if you are a relatively new person, you might want to give Vue.js a try first. This framework is known for having the easiest framework to learn which is perfect with a tight deadline for projects that are in urgent need.

Should your client want an interactive platform, the React Platform is for you. This framework allows your website to create interactive features. It also allows you to design your own page and the framework itself will fix it once it detects data changes.



Having these skillsets will definitely already make you a great developer but you need to know the right tools as well. Tools make the work easier and more comfortable. Coding is always difficult for sure, but as the technology world evolves, tools are being made to make these programs work easier.

For example, Git is one of the tools used in today’s programming. It features a control system that works for whatever source code that you have. Using this will make your web developing easier since it keeps your sources secure at all times.

Finally, We’ve got WebPacker. WebPacker functions as a module bundler that works best for the modern JavaScript versions. They pack them in smaller bundles making it more convenient than loading tons of web modules.


Web Development has evolved over the ages and developers are now experiencing a larger engagement base, thanks to the prominence of internet life in today’s world. With this, it wouldn’t be such a surprise that web developers are needed by every company now, and if they hire a web developer do you have the right qualities? If you feel uncertain. Remember to always see the checklist above and if you’re familiar with most of them, you can now call yourself a FullStack Developer.


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