Standing Out in IT and Business: Harnessing the Power of Personal Branding

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Having personal branding is a crucial factor in establishing oneself in the competitive IT and business industries to stand out and achieve career objectives. It involves creating and communicating a unique value proposition, vision, skills, and personality to the intended audience, which can help showcase expertise, build reputation, attract new opportunities, and expand networks. However, creating and maintaining a personal brand that accurately reflects one’s true self and aligns with aspirations can be challenging. 

Therefore, it is important to approach this task with a focus on strategy and the appropriate mindset. With the right approach, one can confidently build a personal branding that empowers them to innovate and influence the IT industry. 

But how do you create and maintain a personal brand that reflects your true self and aligns with your aspirations? How do you use it to innovate and influence the IT industry?

To answer these questions and more, the University of the Assumption (UA) hosted a seminar titled “The Business of Branding: Unleashing Your Personal Brand as a Business Administration Student” and for the afternoon session titled “Innovate and Influence: Your Personal Brand’s Role in I.T Excellence” The event was attended by hundreds of students, faculty members, and industry professionals eager to learn from the experts and network with their peers.

Introduction to the Program

The Morning Seminar

The morning innovation seminar headed by Mr. Judiel Utto started by with the national anthem, followed by a prayer and the UA hymn. The opening remarks were delivered by Dr. Joey Suba, the Dean of the UA College of Information Technology and Computing and Library Studies (CITCLS). He welcomed the participants and thanked iPhiTech for partnering with UA to organize the event.

The Afternoon Seminar

The afternoon seminar on the other hand was headed by Mr. Louies Angelo Mesia and Ms. Alaina Louise Payawal. This seminar is focused on teaching business students how to unleash their personal brand as aspiring business administration professionals. The seminar began with the singing of the national anthem, followed by a prayer and the UA hymn. The event was opened by Dr. Michaella Castillo, the Dean of the School of Business & Public Administration (SBPA), who welcomed the participants and expressed her gratitude to iPhiTech for partnering with UA to organize the seminar.

iPhiTech’s Insightful Presentation

Next, a video presentation showcased the achievements and services of iPhiTech, a leading IT and digital solutions provider in the Philippines. The company offers a wide range of solutions, such as web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, e-commerce, etc. The presentation also highlighted the company’s vision, mission, values, and culture. Both the morning and afternoon sessions held the insightful presentation after the introduction.

Games and Raffle Activities

The participants then enjoyed some games and raffle activities facilitated by Ms. Andrea Hizon, an Interim Corporate Relations Ambassador of iPhiTech. We chose some of the most popular games to make sure that students have a great time during the event. The winners received exciting prizes, such as journals, pens, iPhiTech merchandise, and more.

Seminar Proper

The event’s highlight was the seminar led by Mr. Mark Enriquez. He shared valuable insights and tips on innovation and influence in the IT industry, as well as how to establish a standout personal brand. The main speaker underscored the importance of having a clear vision, a unique value proposition, a consistent online presence, and a strong network to the I.T students and business administration students. He also shared some of his personal stories and experiences that inspired and motivated the audience.

Ceremonial MOA Signing

Only the morning seminar ended with a ceremonial memorandum of agreement (MOA) signing between UA and iPhiTech. This signifies their commitment to collaborate on future projects and initiatives. The MOA was signed by Dr. Joey Suba and Mr. Mark Enriquez and witnessed by other UA representatives and iPhiTech executives. 

Closing The Event

For the morning seminar, the closing remarks were given by Mr. Louies Angelo Y. Mesia, the President of the UA Student Society on Information Technology and Engineering (SSITE). He thanked the speakers, sponsors, organizers, and participants for making the event successful. He also encouraged the participants to apply what they learned and to continue to pursue excellence in their chosen fields. While the afternoon closing remarks ended formally without a representative.

The awarding of certificates and tokens followed, with Mr. Mesia and Ms. Hizon. They presented certificates of appreciation and recognition to the speakers and sponsors. The event was hosted by Ms. Anna Lee Rodriguez, a senior account executive of iPhiTech.

The Sponsors

The event was made possible by the generous support of the following sponsors:

  • Creative Harvey This agency offers web design, graphic design, content production, and social media management to help businesses expand their online presence with a global community of creative designers.
  • Kuya JM A restaurant with a unique blend of dining and co-working space. Enjoy a variety of Filipino-inspired dishes alongside a productive work environment.
  • iFiTechAn all-female team from the Philippines is revolutionizing technology worldwide with outstanding performance in web design, mobile app development, and software engineering.
  • CodeBenj The company specializes in developing websites, e-commerce solutions, web apps, and mobile applications for businesses. They prioritize creating unique, high-quality, and user-friendly products.

In Conclusion

The seminars “Innovate and Influence: Your Personal Brand’s Role in IT Excellence” and  “The Business of Branding: Unleashing Your Personal Brand as a Business Administration Student” was a successful and memorable event. It brought together students, faculty members, and industry professionals who share a passion for IT and digital solutions, and marketing. 

The event provided a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration. It showcased the achievements and services of iPhiTech and its partners. Furthermore, the event emphasized the importance of having a personal brand that reflects one’s vision, values, and skills. Inside also discussed how to use personal branding to innovate and influence the IT and business industries.

3 Responses

  1. I attended the afternoon session of this seminar as one of the IT students. It is indeed crucial because it serves as a foundation for our personal branding, shaping how people perceive us, especially in our presentation to our intended audience. Hopefully, everything we’ve done during our studies and will do in the future will build our reputation and help us stand out with our personal brand. Thank you, iPhiTech, for organizing this seminar.

  2. The seminar at UA on personal branding in IT and business was truly enjoyable. You could really feel the importance of creating your own brand, and it felt like UA and iPhiTech were your partners in this journey. Saludo sa speakers, sponsors, at sa lahat ng nag-effort para maging successful at memorable ang event na ‘to! Thank you so much iPhiTech!

  3. These was truly informative event, Sayang di kami naka attend. Hoping for more events and activities like this!

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