2020 is here and as we greet the new year with explosives and celebrations, have you ever wondered what the year has in store for us? We may predict a lot of stuff from new tv shows to latest styles in design, but there’s one aspect that keeps changing through the years and we can’t but helps but be eager to see how brilliant it is. And yes, we’re talking about technology.


With various advancements and discoveries, we can’t deny the fact that it changes our lives thanks to its on-going provision of life-changing benefits and the other conveniences it gives us.

Technology also gives opportunities to people who want to learn more, at most times. What I am thinking about is technology, due to its continuing developments, will build new jobs too. For the rest of the years, a man simply can not do one thing with technology nowadays. Every so often, technology is going to add something that either eases his job or make it more complicated to the point that somebody has to take on his previous duties.

Without further ado, here are some of the things you might want to watch out for this year and what opportunities it can provide us with to move forward:


That probably reminded of you of something and yes, it is related to bitcoin but did you know that it is more than that? Blockchain Technology is a series of data that has gained so much fame in recent years, more often thanks to Bitcoin and very other cryptocurrency-related. What also made it famous is its advanced security measure which is why it’s mostly used in cryptocurrencies.

In simple terms, Blockchain Technology is a system that makes you add data and never take away from it. This sole reason alone makes it such a great way to maintain the security to the greatest level possible because you’re the only one who can control your transactions. This means that you don’t need a third-party program to keep it safe because the control is safely in your hands.

Since it is one of the trending things at the moment, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this alone would spark new jobs for the public. We can have Web developers and programmers who may soon have specialization in blockchain!

Virtual/Augmented Reality

The rise of virtual reality is also one of the things to expect in the coming years. With its prominence in the gaming industry, we can’t deny the fact that soon it could be incorporated in other fields such as sports, mainstream entertainment and even in other military training.

Because at the moment it’s one of the biggest stuff, it wouldn’t be a shock that this alone would create new jobs for the people. We can have Web developers and programmers who might soon have blockchain expertise!

In the future, we may see various gaming companies hiring more of these with its starting prominence in Nintendo Switch. More consoles will also come out in the later years which would recommend a newer generation of programmers or quality web developers to build a team and continue the advancement of Virtual Reality.


From an entrepreneurial perspective, Electronic Commerce or e-commerce has provided business opportunities may it be small or big.

With the advancement of technology, various features are slowly being introduced to the public and more will come soon as the future arises.

Going online and having a successful appearance has become a must in any company in today’s world, from Instagram to create your own website.

Particularly in the new era, we see businesses recruiting workers who are skilled in e-commerce, and digital stuff like social networking and internet marketing. Sooner than later, I can personally see more businesses working on this topic because we have on the internet culture and a multicultural environment and it is something that any company can take advantage of whether it is tiny or not.

Internet Of Things

With the growth of smartphones that have wifi-connectivity, it wouldn’t be that shocking to see businesses concentrating on creating wifi-connected stuff. Let’s be honest, you want your own Alexa and question her for any stuff you want, so in the future that might be one of the items that will be pushed gradually into the sector. It’s fairly costly right now but with it increasing attention, the SRP will definitely be reduced to compensate for a bigger demand we now have.

IoT is more than just a helper for you though. It can do a lot of smart things for you such as turning your lights off when you forget to do it or even securing your door’s lock. Though, if you are someone who wants to work in this field, you may want to strengthen your computing knowledge, data analytics, and automation technology to name a few first. But with its rising prominence in the modern world, a lot of opportunities will be offered for you for sure.

Whether you’re a web developer in the Philippines or working as a freelancer, new opportunities are coming for you this year as our technology advances further. Evolution is something that we cannot change and the benefit of that is we gain more opportunities to be smarter moving forward.

Companies are big on the usage of technology right now and if you’re a home-based entrepreneur or even a plain freelancer, you’ll have a spot in the business community whether it’s the backstage or not.

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